Scott Cleveland: A Ministry of Media

Scott Cleveland: A Ministry of Media

As a high school student, Scott Cleveland was drawn to film and television. His future plans included going to New York University to pursue those interests. Before going to NYU, though, he decided to come to BBC for what he thought was going to be just one year.

Scott ClevelandThree years later, he is a junior in the Communications program focusing in theatre. After spending time on campus, he felt BBC was where he needed to be. He has been able to adapt his coursework to suit his love for film and works on campus with the Video Communications Department.

When he's not living in Ridley Hall, Scott calls Carbondale, PA his home.

The persistent effort of John Jackson is why I am a student at BBC. I didn't want to go to BBC at all. I grew up in the area, going to Heritage Baptist Church just down the road from BBC, hanging out with college students. I wanted to go to school for film and television. I was a soccer player at Carbondale High School. So, I thought I could come to BBC and play soccer for one more year, get my Bible courses, get a good biblical foundation and then head off to New York University.

I applied to NYU and got accepted. So, I told everyone I wasn't coming back to BBC. But the financial differences between BBC and NYU were pretty big, and deep down I didn't really want to leave. I had built some relationships, and had people around me, when I had difficult times, and I doubted whether I really wanted to go to NYU. I got involved with Jack Coleman in the Video Communications Department on campus, shooting and editing video. I found that the reason I wanted to go to NYU was already here at BBC.

My major is Communications with an emphasis in theatre, but I am working through internships and electives to enhance it in the areas I am interested in - film and television, as well as some youth ministry classes.

I am involved in Student Leadership Council. I love interacting with freshmen, just going up to them and introducing myself and asking their name. I'm very relational, and I try to get all of the freshman names down, get to know them, and help them out. I want to do for them what BBC did for me. I am also involved in my dorm, work in the Underground Cafe, have done a couple plays, and am working on creating a student talk show called "Jackson Tonight."

"Jackson Tonight" is going to be a late night student talk show/variety show. Our focus is "by students, for students." I love it because I am very relational and love film and television, so this is something I can do, and it's for the students. We will feature an interview with a professor, a student, or staff member just to get to know them other than their role at BBC. It will be on the web on Monday nights.

One of the segments will be called Around Town, which is a way to let students know what is going on in the area. We'll help them find places to do things, like bowling alleys or places on State Street in Clarks Summit. We will also do a segment called BBC Cribs, and visit dorm room and the homes of some of the school administration in the area.

An internship at Heritage Baptist Church showed me there is a practical need for what I like to do - graphics, media and video - in the church. Churches desperately need people to do media work, video work, and sound. At Heritage, I made videos and PowerPoints and helped them kind of rethink their approach to media.

The Underground Cafe is another place where I can serve and build relationships. I love being able to see and interact with people there.

Teen Leadership Conference this summer was ministry like I never have experienced it before. I could do TLC for the rest of my life and not get bored. This made me really consider becoming more involved in youth ministry.

I don't really want to think about graduation. I only have two years left to be here, and really don't want to think about it until I have to. It would be great to get my master's degree and teach video and media classes here. That would be ideal. I could do what I love, still be a part of what God is doing here, and could continue interacting with students.

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