Ben Johnson: Leading Summer Crew

Ben Johnson: Leading Summer Crew

Ben Johnson spent the months before his senior year not far from his last set of classes - serving on the BBC&S campus as leader of the Summer Crew.

The Youth Pastor major knows the summer work gives him a wider range of relationships and experiences to draw from, amplifying the impact of the classroom for his future ministry success.

Ben JohnsonThanks to relationships with some BBC&S alumni - including his pastor, Dr. Don Shirk (BBC, 78; BBS, 82, 97), Ben knew the Clarks Summit campus was where he wanted to be. He had his sights set on becoming a student for as long as he can remember.

Hailing from Pavilion, NY, Ben grew up with his parents and two older brothers. He truly has a heart for children and teens. After graduation, he hopes to pursue a youth ministry leadership role.

I heard working on Summer Crew was a good experience, and I felt like it was worth doing. I talked to Roddy Hannah (Summer Crew Supervisor) about being on crew last year when I came back from summer break. I have known a lot of people in the past that did it, so I had some exposure and knew a little about it.

As the crew leader , I facilitate what is handed down to me. I am also a crew member and part of the same projects as everyone else. If there is something that needs to be done, I see what the needs are and meet those needs. In the group, I do basically the same thing. It is more of finding what the group needs, whether it's spiritual, physical, emotional, or practical, and providing for those areas.

Being the crew leader can be difficult. I think it gives a good perspective of what ministry work will be like in the future. There will always be conflict and things that need to be resolved.

The members of crew didn't know each other at all before this. There are a lot of different personalities. We're all different, but we find a way to work well together. It's been a challenge at times, but it also been very rewarding.

We keep our focus on what we're here to do, on our service for Christ, and helping people. It's six different people with different backgrounds, different personalities, and different interests, finding the one thing that bonds us together. When it comes down to it, it's about how we can use our individualities to show Christ through our service.

My favorite part? There are so many favorite parts. I would say it's getting to know everyone and getting out of my comfort zone. We have a fun time, get a little crazy, and we see sides of each other that no one else is ever going to see.

You get a special appreciation of the campus over the summer, especially when you are cleaning it. It has been fun, being a part of the camps and conferences over the summer and meeting different people.

We're always trying to help the maintenance staff because they have a lot of things going on.The majority of what we do is cleaning through the dorms after every camp, and a deep cleaning during the first couple weeks of summer. It's a lot of work, but you meet a lot of people and make a lot of connections.We also work in the Underground Cafe for conferences. It very rewarding to be able to help and serve.

I am looking forward to the change of pace when school starts. I am looking forward to having friends back and going to classes. I'm excited for the freshman class to come in, to see what kind of people that will bring.

The biggest thing I learned is the idea that I need to get over my selfishness and sheltering myself because of all the responsibilities. In any kind of ministry position, you have to learn to be very unselfish and to serve and think of those around you more than yourself. I learned to look at the group and their needs and ask what I needed to do to meet those needs.

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