Nicholas Charlton: Covering New Ground

Nicholas Charlton: Covering New Ground

The rolling, green hills, and ever-changing weather of Northeastern Pennsylvania are a long way from the white sand beaches and subtropical climate where Nicholas Charlton grew up.

Nicholas CharltonA citizen of Bermuda, Nicholas came to Pennsylvania in 2011- after stops in Canada and New York State - to earn a Master of Divinity degree at Baptist Bible Seminary. Recently, he became a member of the BBS Admissions team.

He and his wife, Rachel, enjoy serving together at North Valley Baptist Church in Jermyn, PA.

I grew up in a home in which my parents loved the Lord. My mom and dad exposed me to a variety of sports and to music. I learned how to play golf, tennis, and squash and to play the violin. Bermuda life is a lot of fun, and my childhood consisted of a lot of time at the beach.

I am a citizen of Bermuda, which is a British Overseas Territory, and also a citizen of Canada. As it turns out, I do not have the traditional Bermudian accent. But if you stop by and visit or give me a call, I could definitely imitate it.

I have a bachelor's degree in biology and psychology from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. I focused, in my last two years, on working with children with autism. It was an awesome time. I then spent two years at Word of Life in Schroon Lake, NY, which is where I met my beautiful wife.

Clarks Summit has been very enjoyable, as you can get out to the country with the same ease as reaching the city. I love wherever I live. However, Bermuda has made me a beach/water snob, so I definitely miss the tranquil blue waters and the clean, white sand.

We were made aware of North Valley Baptist Church through one of my Seminary mates. That is how we got there; it was the people that made us stay. From the first week we were treated like family, and we can't think of a better group of people to minister to and to minister with.

Rachel and I currently help with the visitor ministry, which the pastor asked us to do. It is a new ministry for the both of us, and something we are learning to do. I have also started helping teach the adult Sunday school class and am involved with the music ministry as one of their piano players and vocalists. I am looking forward to doing some preaching this fall, too.

Project Jerusalem has had a big impact upon me and my future ministry. North Valley provides an avenue for me to take what I have learned in class and apply it to ministry. It has been a constant affirmation that my decision to study at BBS was a necessary step in preparing me for what God has next. The more I learn in class, and the more I serve in the local church, the more I am reminded of how much there is yet to learn.

I could tell BBS was not just about academics but was intentional in preparing men for ministry leadership. I was confident it would prepare me for whatever God has for me next. Dr. Richard Christen, who is on the BBC&S Board of Trustees, was the pastor of my church for a few years in Bermuda, and that also played a part in my decision.

I believe God has gifted me as a teacher and counselor, and I know my studies in the Master of Divinity program will help develop those gifts. It will also allow me to move on to doctoral work in the future. The one-year paid internship was also another component of the program that attracted me.

Working in Admissions provides me with a way to serve and help prospective students find a place to study that will prepare them for virtually any ministry calling. The ministry position God has provided for me within Admissions has already been rewarding as I have had the chance to meet, in person or over the phone, with individuals passionate about serving Christ.

BBS has been a stretching and rewarding experience thus far. The Lord has been teaching my wife and I a lot this past year. He brought us through trials that have produced tears, but also many blessings as we have learned to trust Him. Our experience has only solidified in our hearts that God's glory and our good always go hand-in-hand.

Although the classes I have taken have been awesome, I think I have enjoyed being surrounded by godly peers and faculty the most. My wife and I have made some good friendships with many at the Seminary. The time we spend together is always refreshing. We love the genuine concern of the faculty and their wives toward us.

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Posted on: 7/30/2012 3:34:16 PM

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