Mike Guingo: Lending a Hand

Mike Guingo: Lending a Hand

Volunteers Weeks bring several dozen helping hands to the BBC&S campus. Workers tackle a host of projects, from painting and cleaning to construction and roofing.

Mike GuingoAmong the nearly 70 volunteers on campus for the second Volunteers Week of 2012, was Mike Guingo of Sodus, NY.

Mike was introduced to the summer service opportunity four years ago while attending BBC's Men's Conference with others from his church, Bible Baptist Church of Sodus.

A facilities manager for a commercial real estate company, Mike's background as an electrician and his experience in building maintenance and management have been invaluable. He joyfully gives his abilities back to Lord as he lends his expertise in a wide range of areas to projects around campus each July.

He and his wife, Deborah, have four grown daughters. They share their 14-acre property in New York with three dogs and two horses.

I have been an electrician since I was about 15. For the past 20 years, I have been in the management side. I worked at a 16-story federal courthouse, colleges and universities, school districts, and nursing homes, mostly on the management side.

Volunteers Week gives me an opportunity to work alongside other Christians. Also, God has gifted me with a lot of talents, and this is an opportunity for me to use them while giving to someone else. Working in a secular environment is not the best for keeping yourself grounded.

This week I have been doing electrical work. Ive also been working with Paul Drollinger, from the BBC maintenance team, getting the Fletcher Hall Resident Director apartment ready.

I can do about anything. I have knowledge of plumbing, electrical, HVAC, fire alarm systems, security systems, and digital control systems.

I have been coming for Volunteers Week for four years. I have worked on electrical work and I also worked in Jackson Hall on a couple offices that we demolished and rebuilt.

Staying on campus is great. The dorms are a lot nicer than some of the universities I have been in. It is very comfortable; they take good care of us. I have my own room; actually, I am in the suite all by myself this year.

You have a very hard working bunch of people in maintenance. It is amazing how much they can get done with such a small crew. I don't know how they do it. They are all very professional, very friendly.

I see the same people every year, and it is nice to catch up. There is a good bunch of people that come in July.

I love coming here. It's great, the staff is wonderful. We are all fed very well. When I leave on Fridays, I am already looking forward to the next year.

We're working really hard at getting more people from Bible Baptist to come down. You can't beat it for $15. It's a working vacation, and you feel really good when you leave.

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Posted on: 7/13/2012 11:12:56 AM

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