Josh Mowers: Leading and Learning

Josh Mowers: Leading and Learning

Having grown up on the mission field in Cape Town, South Africa, Josh Mowers brings a unique background and experience to the BBC campus. After serving as Ridley Hall President for a year, he is now preparing for on-campus leadership as the 2012-2013 Student Body President.
Josh Mowers

With a burden for youth ministry, Josh is a junior Youth Pastor major. He hopes to use his BBC education in a local church after he graduates in May 2014. While studying at BBC, Josh has worked to establish a youth group at Peoples Regular Baptist Church in Maybrook, NY, where his dad, Tim Mowers, is pastor.

Aided by the Student Leadership Council and his executive team, building relationships and facilitating spiritual growth in students is Josh's goal as he leads the on-campus student body beginning in August 2012.

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A big part of what led me here was the Youth Pastor program. I felt BBC had a well-balanced program that I would be able to use in many types of ministry. Part of it, too, was both of my parents graduated from BBC.

God has given me a great passion for ministering to youth. I want to build into their lives and help them grow now so they can begin to minster in the church and to one another. As I watch teens grow up, I continue to see a great need for people of God to be involved in their lives. I have been able to take some great classes that will help me in ministry.

The cool thing is I am already finding ways to use what I am learning as I begin to establish a youth group at my home church. It is a very challenging ministry, but it is such an encouragement to see someone commit themselves to God and be able to walk them through it. I was able to witness this a couple times in South Africa.

Growing up in Cape Town, South Africa was great experience I would not trade for anything. We spoke English, lived in houses, and carried on life much like an American would. The culture was different, so the way ministry was done differently. I had the opportunity to make some great friendships that will last the rest of my life.

Being in a missionary family really shaped who I am today. Having the opportunity to step into leadership roles at a young age has given me some great insight into what being a leader is about. I tend to look at things a little differently than others and ask questions about things that may not be exactly what I want to hear but cause critical thinking to take place. With that being said, I still have a lot to learn.

All of my Resident Assistants have played a huge role in my life at BBC. They have always been more than willing to either talk about things I am going through or just hang around and have a good time. They have also been a great encouragement to me in what they chose to take us through when we get together for devotions. Living in a dorm with a bunch of other guys who have a passion to serve God with all that they have is always a great encouragement. It has also been great to be able to chat about what God has been doing in the lives of one another.

Someone told me my freshman year I would be Student Body President and I thought they were crazy. Even at the beginning of this year, running for Student Body President was not in my plan. At the end of the first semester of my sophomore I was asked to pray about running, so I did. After talking about it with family and people here at BBC, I decided I would run. At the same time I was thinking that if this was going to be a reality, God would begin showing me areas where I could make a difference. He did just that. So why did I run? I wanted to continue being used by God and see what He would do in my life and ministry.

I enjoy getting to know the behind-the-scenes aspect of SLC. Being Ridley Hall president allowed me to get a glimpse of that. I also enjoyed the relational aspect. It did bring me out of my comfort zone, but it was great to have opportunities to sit down with different guys in the dorm and just have conversations.

I am excited to take that relational aspect to a new level. As dorm president, I focused mainly on the guys in the dorm. Now, the focus is inter-dorm. There are also relationships among students and faculty/staff. I am especially looking forward to the latter as we plan things that reach the goal of expanding the relationships to outside the classroom.

BBC is helping me meet my goals. I say this because I often find myself changing my goals as I get close to meeting them. I have found that if I am not constantly looking for ways to improve in goals I have set, then when I meet a goal it would be very easy to get stuck and not think of how I could take it farther.

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