Two online Worldview Studies programs set for undergraduates, graduates at BBC

Two online Worldview Studies programs set for undergraduates, graduates at BBC

Two totally online Worldview Studies programs at BBC provide undergraduate and graduate students with powerful, life-changing educational experiences.

An undergraduate major and a Master of Arts concentration give students a deeper understanding of their own worldview and the perspective of others.

Students become effective global Christian leaders as they use their knowledge of differing worldviews to open channels of communication and evangelism in other cultures.

Undergraduate Online
The new undergraduate program is a 120-credit program focusing on Christian and contemporary worldviews.

Students learn more about their own basis for belief and understanding. They also gain a new and wider context of world perspectives, studying important historical and philosophical texts on Western tradition and thought.

"The program not only covers how we got here, but also where we are, where we're going, and what we can do about it," said Jeremy Carpenter, a sophomore from St. Albans, WV.

Baptist Bible College & Seminary"You learn to have relationships with people around you in all areas of life, to work along side of them in an effort to uncover the truth, sifting through worldviews of the culture, and doing so being firmly rooted in Biblical truth."

Learn more about the undergraduate program here.

Among the outcomes for students are greater abilities to:
- Serve in multi-cultural ministries.
- Work with urban missions and programs.
- Pursue a graduate degree.

See a schedule of online undergraduate courses here.

Master of Arts
The 30-credit Master of Arts concentration consists of two series of courses.

"Reason and Revelation" explores the contours of the biblical message by comparing scripture and philosophic texts. "Worldviews in Tension" takes a close look at Western thought through the study of Greek poetry and philosophy.

"The concentration is rooted in the idea that nothing is more relevant than the scriptures and nothing is more practical on a grand scale than your worldview," said Dr. Steve Shumaker, lead professor in the program.

Learn more about the Master of Arts program here.

Graduates of the program are better equipped for:
- Leadership or pastoral roles in multi-cultural settings.
- Teaching on an undergraduate level.
- Doctoral study.
- Leading urban missions or ministries.

See a schedule of courses offered online here.

Distance Learning at BBC
Online learning gives students the tools they need to grow spiritually and the flexibility of doing work on their own schedule. Classes are comparable with on-campus options and offer opportunities to meet new people and form lasting relationships with faculty and fellow students.

Courses are offered throughout the year on the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Learn more about online learning here.

Baptist Bible College & Seminary offers an outstanding Christian education through on-campus, online, and other distance learning options. Students go beyond the ordinary, learning to learn and serve with excellence as they gain critical leadership and life skills.

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Posted on: 4/18/2012 8:45:31 AM

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