Delana Durough: Teaching Business

Delana Durough: Teaching Business

From Northeastern Pennsylvania to the Middle East, to Hong Kong, China and back again, Delana Durough has found a place to call home at BBC. Delana Durough

Originally from Scott Township, PA, Delana grew up in a family that owned a small business. She is now putting her experience to work as an assistant professor in the Business Administration program, preparing students for service and leadership in an ever-changing culture.

Delana has a heart for helping students use their business training and strengths for others, drawing on her eclectic mix of work and educational experiences. She and her husband, Robert, live in the Clarks Summit area.

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God most definitely took the lead on guiding me to BBC in 2012. My background is in business and economic policy, and I had always worked in business administration or finance positions. I had thought about teaching but never actually pursued it as a career. While helping out Geoff Ellsworth with a worship team for Growing Leaders in 2009, I learned more about BBC's educational mission and was intrigued. A series of "Hey, you should meet so-and-so" suggestions led to my eventual hiring as an adjunct instructor in the Business Administration program. I suppose the rest is history.

I first knew Christ as Savior and Lord at age 7 after a particularly terrifying puppet show at summer camp. It wasn't, however, until those heady, self-involved years after college that I began to have a deep, abiding sense of Christ's grace and His all-consuming love and lordship. It was then I began to truly hand over my life, the control of my destiny, to God in an honest way. Since then, I can say knowing the true Christ, the Son of the living God, has been a twisty, scary, joyful, and ever-more-peaceful journey.

My academic work has focused mostly in economics and international relations, but nearly all of my work experience has been in business or business administration for municipal institutions. I grew up in a family that owns a small business--one that didn't own a cash register until I was in college-- which means I spent many an afternoon as a young girl learning how to "treat customers right" and making change without a calculator. I think business is in my blood.

After four years at a small public high school, I did my undergraduate work at Syracuse University, where it snows a lot. I benefitted from excellent faculty. I also studied at the City University of Hong Kong during my undergrad years, which is where I fell in love with city living and was introduced to the wide world of business. For graduate school, I spent two years studying the Middle East at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Despite its long name, it offered an intimate, lively curriculum in the heart of Washington, D. C., which afforded students many opportunities to meet international political and business leaders. They were two fascinating years.

Professionally, I have worked in and around business-like positions since I graduated college in 2000. I spent several years working at an investment banking firm. I did a short stint at the U.S. Department of the Treasury in the Middle East policy division. I have been an accountant, a public school business manager, a farmhand, a greenhouse worker, a nonprofit consultant, a snack bar manager, and a few other miscellaneous things.

I am an Assistant Professor of Business Administration, teaching classes in our undergraduate program and soon will be teaching in our online M.A. concentration in Social Entrepreneurship. Being a part of the BBC community means getting involved in various ministry opportunities. I am no exception. One has me serving as a ministry coach for an exciting new group called Restore Her. Students are seeking to show Christ's love to women at risk. I also have an academic interest in business-as-mission strategies.

My parents have wielded the most profound and lasting influence on my life professionally, personally, and spiritually. They are the two hardest-working, most honest and loyal people I know, and I am sure I won't be able to outdo their generosity in my lifetime. They were examples to me of unabashed Christian witness, especially during the difficult teen years when faith and friendships clashed. There are so many others who have influenced and indelibly marked my life-path that I couldn't do the question justice to attempt to list them all here.

Advice for someone entering the world of business? Know yourself and know Christ's ultimate role in your life. Knowing yourself means understanding your character strengths and, more importantly, your weaknesses. Know what tempts you to live in a manner that won't glorify God. Knowing Christ's role means understanding beyond a shadow of a doubt whom you serve and what pleases Him. Before we pursue anything in our lives, we must first seek the Kingdom of God. On a practical level, I cannot stress enough the importance of knowing at least the basics of accounting, budgeting, and finance before you embark on a business career. These are building blocks.

BBC understands a clear biblical understanding and the development of Christlike growth in students is the highest priority. Our lives as Christians are not about our individual success. They are about loving God and loving others. At places like BBC, students can learn this and live it successfully.

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Posted on: 10/27/2014 4:02:14 PM

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