Frank Judson: Ministering and Preparing

Frank Judson: Ministering and Preparing

If you know Frank Judson (04) serves as Resident Director of Ketcham Hall and he works on the BBC&S maintenance team, then you only know a part of the story.

Frank is also a student at Baptist Bible Seminary, working toward a Master of Ministry.Frank Judson Morris

While he spends a lot of time inside the new Kempton Athletic Center, he also works hard on each of his different roles, which also include being a father and husband.

Residence hall life is not new to Frank. He and his family lived in Christen Hall from 2002 to 2005 while Frank was an undergraduate student.

When we pulled onto the BBC campus, it was apparent things were done with excellence. I was looking at two schools at the time, but just from looking at the grounds and the buildings we could see how everything was uniform and cared for. It felt like excellence was a key point at BBC. When we met with the married student advisor, Ken Moser, he took the time to pray with us and seek God's direction for our lives. That, combined with the spiritual emphasis, made us think BBC was the place to be.

I was in ministry for seven years before coming back. I realized there were some things I needed to be strengthened in. Being in the ministry, you know your strengths and your weaknesses. There were some things to learn, helping me study more efficiently, more effectively, and to increase my capacity. I really felt like being in a classroom was the best way to learn.

One of my concerns when I was thinking about attending a seminary was if I could have a continued ministry. Around the same time, a dorm opened up and the timing was right. To me, it is a significant ministry, so it was a no brainer. Especially with the kids, and with my wife Lisa, there was a familiarity to BBC, and a comfort and a trust.

I love being an RD. I have the opportunity to help shape the worldview of up to 50 guys a year. These guys are with me in a four-year period, more than they are with their parents. They live here about nine months each year, some stay during the summer. There are many opportunities to really shape their worldview and take what they're learning in Jackson Hall and help them to apply it to life in a practical way, to help them see how their theology plays out.

For awhile, the job aspect wasn't clicking. But with my background in electronics, with fire alarm installation, and some background in construction, (Director of Facilities Administration) Wayne Stevens thought it would be a good fit if I joined the maintenance staff. It is ideal to work on campus because I can continue to have contact with the students.

Being a BBS student is great, but it is is a lot of work. I am learning and being challenged in some areas, so it is good. It is profitable. When I graduate, I would like to get back into a pastoral role, and be in local church ministry.

Late nights and early mornings are a challenge. Trying to study is a challenge. Making sure the balance between my wife and my kids isn't compromised, because of the attention I am trying to give to the guys in the dorm, is also a challenge. It's a great big balancing act.

My family loves living in a dorm. The kids are used to it, having been in Christen, so it wasn't a shock for them. They see the guys as big brothers. They understand the purpose is to serve and open our home.

Working on the Kempton Athletic Center, I've done a lot of steel framing. We have studded-out the showers and lockers rooms, the security office, and stairwells. I have done a little drywall and most recently some electrical work. I'm gearing up for the fire alarm system.

I went to school for low-voltage electronics. After high school, I went to the Connecticut School of Electronics in New Haven and got a two-year diploma. Then I went to work for a fire alarm company.

Dorm activities, especially the activities during the winter, really revolve around the gym. With all the different sports teams and intramurals, it really feels like it bottlenecks. What we have now is a blessing to people, but some of the equipment is getting old. Having a new place with new equipment will allow people to get out and work out. I think it will be a hub of activity around the clock, for both students and others on campus. It should be a great source of contact for students, RDs, and even faculty and staff.

This project is massive. I can't wait until it's done so I can play some basketball. I am eagerly awaiting its completion.

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Posted on: 3/16/2012 4:43:04 PM

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