Jenna Bont: Adopted by Parents, Adopted by God

Jenna Bont: Adopted by Parents, Adopted by God

Jenna Bont, freshman at BBC from Fremont, MI, has travelled much farther than that to be where she is today.

In 1993, Jenna was adopted from an orphanage in Russia into the family of Tim and Linda Bont. She became the youngest of four children and the only girl. It is there she came to faith in Jesus Christ. Now, she is studying in hopes to go back to Russia and teach in orphanages like the ones she was in. She has a heart for children and desires to show them the love of God through her life.Summer Kinder

On campus, Jenna lives in Thomson Hall and is involved in Lady Defenders athletics. She will be playing softball this spring and hopes to play volleyball in the fall. She appreciates the coaches' and professors' genuine interest in her life as she grows as a student and as a child of God.

I first heard of BBC through a camp counselor I had at Lake Ann Camp. That same year, my church hired a youth pastor who graduated from BBC. After visiting the campus twice, I felt God was leading me here because of the godly environment.

I am from Fremont, MI. It's in the west side of lower Michigan, about an hour from Grand Rapids and 45 minutes east of Lake Michigan. Our claim to fame is Gerber baby food was founded and is made in Fremont.

I am currently an Elementary Education major. I've had a passion for younger children for a while, and I want to be able to know how to work with them and teach them so I can use that in my future plans.

My younger brother and I were placed in an orphanage when the people we lived with could not take care of us anymore. My mom was never in the picture and I only remember seeing her once of twice. My brother and I were separated after the first orphanage. I was too old for it; he was too young to move on. Not long after I was moved, my brother was adopted. I haven't seen him or heard about him since. I was adopted two orphanages later into the family of Tim and Linda Bont on November 11,1993. I joined a family of three boys: Jon, Jason, and Jordan. My name changed from Irina to Jenna to fit the pattern. I was 6 years old, the only girl in the family besides my mom, and the youngest.

To me, being adopted by an American couple meant a new beginning. I didn't have to worry about what I was going to do or how I was going to eat. I was able to be a kid again. Looking back, it also means I have a relationship with Christ that I would have probably never found elsewhere.

Having come from an orphanage in Russia, I would love to go and teach in Russian orphanages. I want to make a difference in their lives and share God's truths to them. Religion is not something that is ever brought up. If the kids are not adopted, most of them end up living in the streets of Russia. God has blessed me with something that I could have never imagined for my life. I would love to be used by Him to show those children His love.

By far, I can say that the BBC staff has influenced me the most. The professors have been such an encouragement to me. Bill Higley has also gone beyond just being my softball coach but also making time to just talk to me about what is happening in my life.

I absolutely love my Bible classes. The friends I have made and will continue to make here are also one of the most enjoyable things. They pray for me, encourage me, and are goofy with me.

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Posted on: 2/2/2012 9:35:20 AM

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