Ben Baker: Teaching, Leading, and Learning

Ben Baker: Teaching, Leading, and Learning

Ben Baker balances a pretty busy schedule.

The Endicott, NY, resident works in full-time ministry, teaching Bible at Ross Corners Christian Academy. He also serves as the Youth Director at First Baptist of Newark Valley and has a part-time job at a local sporting goods store. David Deuel

When he decided to pursue additional education, Ben needed a flexible, quality option. The online Master of Divinity program at BBS was the way to go.

We as pastors need to be "prepared to give a defense for the hope that is in us." The M. Div. program is set up to give you the best intellectual foundation. It teaches you to appreciate the languages, church history, and the deep things of God.

I have learned to love the Lord with my mind. There is an idea out there that loving God is enough to be a pastor of a local church. Some look down on formal education. Though some have pastored very well without formal training, the Church is losing the intellectual core that drives America.

At the age of 20, God allowed me to become the Youth Director at my church. I soon solidified my calling and knew more education was necessary. As an undergraduate, I was able to take about half of my classes online. Now that I am in full-time ministry at Ross Corners and still leading the youth at First Baptist, I have no time to take classes on campus.

The online program allows me to log in whenever I can and do work. The teachers know you are busy and are clear about what their expectations are. I love learning at my own pace, I love the challenge of tackling a problem on my own. The online format is a great guide in my learning experience.

Every serious student should come to BBS. I got a piece of advice from a great professor at Davis. He said to "educate yourself in the area you foresee your future ministry." He pointed out that different parts of the country think differently and struggle with different problems. BBS is a beacon of light in an apathetic and largely pagan culture here in the Northeast. The professors are experts in their field. There is an energetic joy that comes out of everyone and everything around BBS. The academics are challenging and expectations are high.

My experience at BBS has been great. I personally have found the languages to be incredibly challenging, but the professors have assisted me well. The notes and books I read have the most impact on me. I am always amazed at how valuable all of the material is. It is always challenging and very relevant to the church today.

The M. Div. impacts my ministry everyday. I notice now, even more than in recent years, teens are asking deeper questions. They want solid answers. To be able to logically show them why God has done certain things is a blessing. As I move forward in ministry I know that the challenges get harder. I want my mind and heart to be prepared to help people.


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Posted on: 1/12/2012 4:31:37 PM

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