Pond improvements to limit skating, hockey

Pond improvements to limit skating, hockey

Improvements to make the BBC&S campus pond fresher and more pristine year-round have eliminated winter skating and hockey from the site.

A special aeration system, with five units and underwater pipes, has been installed in the iconic pond. Its continuous functioning is expected to prevent the pond from completely freezing.

The lack of thick ice will prohibit past activities, such as skating, hockey, and sliding, from continuing.BBC&S

BBC&S' signature pond and the surrounding area is a popular recreation spot for community members. Walkers and joggers frequently use many of the paths on campus for exercise.

The west side of the pond is also home to "Creation Walk," a series of eight bronze relief sculptures highlighting the six days of creation.

Other recent improvements have included general clean-up in and around the pond.

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Posted on: 1/2/2012 8:46:12 AM

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