Ty Woznek: Seeing the Bigger Picture

Ty Woznek: Seeing the Bigger Picture

When considering how to be the best leader possible, Ty Woznek looks at what makes up the "bigger picture" of a church: the people.

A 2001 graduate of BBC's Education Pastor program, Ty earned a Master of Divinity degree in 2007 from BBS, focusing on Church Education. He recognizes the powerful impact of training people to live and lead others, focusing on the health and growth of Christ's church.Ty Woznek

He is currently the lead pastor of Life Fellowship Chapel in Davison, MI where he lives with his wife, Kelly, and their two boys.

BBC stood out to me as the most holistic way to train for ministry. I appreciated how BBC intentionally thought through spiritual formation and fostered a dorm life that builds community. I enjoyed the discussions that surrounded chapel and the classroom.

There is a difference between training for a job and training for a calling. Pursuing God and leading people to Him was and is a significant calling. The professors did a great job of challenging us and also helping us understand how to be ourselves.

A sign of a good teacher is helping a student find their voice and then drawing it out. Professor Don McCall allowed me to stretch and realize fully how much I loved Church Education and reproducing reproducers. He helped fit all the pieces into place. The personal connection with the staff at BBC is significant and one of its greatest strengths.

Churches need 'generalists.' An Education Pastor helps by assisting each department in ministry to be one church. I view ministry from the big picture of what God is calling the church to. My ministry experience prior to college involved discipling leaders and new Christians and helping organize ministries. The education program was a good fit for how God designed me.

BBS views academics and practical training as equally important. We shouldn't divorce biblical knowledge from practical ministry. One is the foundation for the other. The M.Div. program gave me a balance of confidence and humility - the confidence to handle ministry demands and the humility to realize how much I don't know and understand.

I always view church from the big picture and I love preaching. My mentors, close friends, and wife looked at how God wired me and saw that being a pastoral team leader was the next ministry assignment. The needs and direction of Life Fellowship fit my passions well. I'm able to fulfill my passion for education ministry and preaching to impact Michigan.

Being present in the community is significant. We had a softball field we weren't using, so we gave it to a couple of traveling girls teams in our community. We're starting to build relationships with the dads and people there. The church prayed for a way to be a giving church and God opened the door.

When you're seeking where God wants you, focus on the people. Methods, programs, and buildings often change. People last forever. Jesus said a student would be like his teacher. There is a moment in ministry where you step back and see yourself being the best of your mentors. It's profoundly humbling because you realize its not you, but the people God used to disciple you.

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Posted on: 9/16/2011 4:02:04 PM

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