Stephanie Welsh: Loving, Leading, and Counseling

Stephanie Welsh: Loving, Leading, and Counseling

After her graduation from BBC in 2009, Stephanie Welsh's path led her back home to Blackwood, NJ.

She is now working for Women of Hope Resource Center doing what she was built to do - counsel.

I have wanted to be a Counselor since I was 11 years old. I have always loved helping people and sharing God's Word with anyone who would listen, even those who didn't. God has given me the spiritual gift of encouragement and my passion is to help people. I honestly could never see myself not being a Counselor. Stephanie Welsh

I had a really unique experience at BBC. My heart desired to be there, but my flesh discouraged and distracted me a lot. I had a lot of family problems at home that kept me from performing the best academically. But what I experienced as a result of those issues was grace, love and forgiveness. I had extremely godly professors, Resident Directors, RAs, small group leaders, faculty, friends, sisters and brothers in Christ who constantly desired to see me grow and love the Lord. Their influence and God's unending love for me made my time at BBC life changing.

My youth pastor and his wife, Billy (01) and Julie Mulligan (03) went to BBC. Julie and I formed an instant connection because she was a Counseling major. I admired her so much. She was a good listener, constantly brought me to Scripture, was easy to talk to, and was a lot of fun. I applied to BBC because I wanted to become a great counselor like her and also meet great friends like her, and I did.

I felt the Counseling program was the exact program for me. I have passion to live for God and bring people the hope He gives. The program gave me the head knowledge to help others through using the Word of God and the heart desire by the example of godly faculty, staff, and friendships to love others like Christ has called us to do.

I learned how to love God through the powerful examples I found in every single person I met at BBC. I learned grace by the forgiveness constantly displayed in my life. I learned the Word of God from professors seeking to teach me truth every single day. I learned how to work with little monetary gain, by the hard-working faculty's example. The relationships I formed at BBC have revolutionized the way I interact with others today.

At Women of Hope, I am a drug and alcohol counselor for an intensive outpatient program. I meet with clients and perform an assessment and intake to determine their immediate needs. If they meet our requirements, we do a 16-week program of individual and group counseling with them. I meet with them three times a week to facilitate and counsel them on how to live a sober lifestyle.

Women of Hope helps women and families who are experiencing extremely difficult situations. We help women find work, housing, clothing, and food. We have an educational program to help women prepare for their GED. We have a New Life Program (where I work) to help women who are dealing with addictions. We are there to offer hope and help to women who are in desperate need.

I work with my youth group as a female youth leader at Immanuel Baptist Church in Maple Shade, NJ. I do monthly Bible studies with the teen girls and seek to be involved in their lives, such as sports events and social outings. I enjoy talking with the girls and hearing the contents of their heart and answering questions they may have about God and how to live for Him. I love seeing young people grow in the Lord.

God has shown me He is the great provider for all of my needs. Currently I am not paid because of lack of funding. I am constantly blown away on how God chooses to bless me or how He chooses to teach me to be content with what I have. Another challenge, or blessing, is realizing my gifts and abilities are not my own. The love and ability I have for counseling is God's, not mine. Therefore, I need to continually give Him myself. I need to put myself aside and rest in His power and strength.

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Posted on: 8/8/2011 12:27:49 PM

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