Alair Omahen: Doubling Up to Get Ahead

Alair Omahen: Doubling Up to Get Ahead

College doesn't have to come after high school anymore. For students like Alair Omahen, college and high school dovetail together, giving a running start into higher education.Alair Omahenr

"It is absolutely worth the time and effort," said Alair, who is a dual-enrollment student at BBC and a senior at Sidney (NY) High School. She has taken five college courses through online distance learning at BBC.

After graduating from high school this June, Alair plans to attend BBC in the fall to study Elementary Education. She hopes to be involved in missions in the future.

High school students can get ahead by taking online distance learning courses even before they arrive on campus as freshmen.

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Insight Questions

What led you to BBC?
Before my ninth-grade year, my aunt and uncle introduced me to the Teen Leadership Conference. After spending a week at BBC, I felt this was where God wanted me to go to college. I fell in love with how God is working in the lives of the people at BBC and the friendly and God-centered atmosphere. I wanted to try classes because I knew I would be learning about the Bible.

How did you hear about Dual Enrollment?
I first heard about the program from my uncle. He recommended taking a couple classes if I had time. I knew I wanted to come to BBC, but there was the question about what I would be majoring in. Ever since I was 13, I have wondered if God wanted me to be a missionary. Dual Enrollment was the best path to pursuing both missions and education classes.

What do you like best about classes at BBC?
I really like the content and how they challenge us to think biblically. I love learning from my professors and classmates. I like how we are all at different stages in our walk with our Lord yet we are all helping each other to learn about God.

What courses have you taken?
I have taken Understanding Science, Introduction to Old Testament History, Principles of Bible Study, and American Literature. I am currently taking History and Western Civilization 1, and The Church's Ministry. And there's more in the future.

What class was your favorite?
I like them all. All of the classes I have taken are really challenging and I really like the professors. I have learned so much so far. I do not know how I could choose one as my favorite.

What do you like best about online classes?
I can get a taste of what college is like while I am still in high school. They are a challenge and I like learning from people that are older and wiser than I am. I enjoy the interaction with my classmates and professors. I like learning from different people and reading their input in the discussions. I also like the hard work because it is challenging and pushes you to grow spiritually.

What will you focus on when you start on campus?
I would like to learn more about the Bible. More specifically, I look to major in Elementary Education and take missions courses. I would like to be able to serve God through teaching in another country or in the United States. I really like working with little kids. I lean toward the elementary kids because they are still at an impressionable age. I had the opportunity to help out in a fourth-grade classroom, and I loved the kids I worked with. It seems like a good age to teach.

What would you tell someone considering Dual Enrollment at BBC?
I would highly recommend it. It is absolutely worth the time and effort. I think I have grown so much spiritually and as a student. It will prepare you for the college workload. I have learned how to better manage my time and responsibilities along with making friends along the way.

What are your hobbies and interests?
I love talking with my dad, running with my mom, and watching movies with my brother. Hobbies and things that I like to do include studying my Bible, spending time with my youth group, acting, writing letters, playing soccer, and learning Spanish.

What kinds of ministry are you involved in with your youth group?
Some kids from our youth group help in our church's TeamKid ministry program. It is like an AWANA program. It is every Wednesday night and a lot of fun. I help the teachers in the first- through third-grade class. We also put on puppet skits. I love helping the little kids and seeing their love for the Lord grow each week.

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Posted on: 3/10/2011 11:33:32 AM

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