Students set to perform quirky comedy on BBC stage

Students set to perform quirky comedy on BBC stage

Charley's Aunt, a hilarious comedy by playwright Brandon Thomas, will be performed at the BBC Phelps Student Center in March.

Dr. Brian Maxwell and his crew of more than 15 production and cast members are preparing for three days of performances at 7:30 p.m., Thursday - Saturday, March 3-5.

Tickets are available at the BBC Box Office or by calling 570.585.9000. General Admission is $10. Discounted tickets are available to alumni, senior citizens, and non-BBC&S students for $7.

An Uproarious Show
The play, first performed in 1892, is set in Oxford, England. The story follows the love games of two college chums, Charley Wykeham and Jack Chesney, as they attempt to woo a pair of charming young ladies.

The hysterical masquerade begins when they persuade a classmate to impersonate their missing aunt, whom they needed as a chaperone. Mischief and shenanigans ensue as the story unfolds on the stage.

The 10-member cast includes:

Brandon Maxwell - Colonel Sir Francis Chesney
Mark Mallecoccio - Stephen Spettigue
Benjamin Johnson - Jack Chesney
Josh Bedard - Charles Wykeham
Andrew Filler - Lord Fancourt Babberley
Scott Cleveland - Brassett
Brittaney Luther - Donna Lucia D'Alvadorez
Lannae Warren - Kitty Verdun
Hannah Whaley - Amy Spettigue
Joanna Ferbrache - Ela Delahay

Drama at BBC
Dr. Brian Maxwell has taught and directed plays at BBC&S for 24 years. He holds degrees in communications, theatre, and ministry, and has studied theatre in London, England and Edinburgh, Scotland. He received his Ph.D from New York University's program in Educational Theatre.

Learn more about Drama at BBC here.

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Posted on: 2/7/2011 8:38:45 AM

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