Kris Geer: A Heart for the Hurting

Kris Geer: A Heart for the Hurting

Kris Geer has a heart for people and a desire to help others see God's truth and grace in the midst of hardship.

With a heart for the hurting, Kris had a unique opportunity to serve in Thailand with Women At Risk, International during the summer of 2010. WAR is a Christian, nonprofit organization that seeks to rescue and protect at-risk women and children from abuse.

Kristin GeerA 2010 graduate from Alexander, NY, Kris was a Counseling major. She is currently pursing a master's degree and hopes to be involved in trauma counseling.

She and her fiance, Peter, who is studying to be a pastor, will be married this May.

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Insight Questions

What led you to BBC?
My parents suggested I go to BBC because it was a good school and could give me a biblical foundation for life.

Why did you choose to major in Counseling?
I wanted to learn how to help people see God in the midst of their hurting. During high school, I was a lifeguard at Camp Bayouca and heard stories from campers about their home lives or a hardship that had happened to them. These interactions made me want to pursue counseling in college. I wanted to learn how to give hope to these kids.

Who or what influenced you the most at BBC?
The opportunities I had to be mentored influenced me the most. Whether it was softball captains, Bible study leaders, or professors I sought out to ask questions of, each interaction helped shape my character.

During my junior year I went to Colorado to attend a leadership program at Focus on the Family. It challenged me to think instead of simply taking things at face-value and provided a great foundation. I returned to BBC and interacted more with my mentors and asked questions. I knew what they were saying was true, but I wanted to understand it for myself and to make it my own. I really appreciated all the time these individuals took to help me become the woman I am today.

What kinds of things were you involved with?
I played on the softball team my first three years at BBC and was a captain my junior year. I also was on the Quenched ministries leadership team for three years. We organized Bible studies, conferences, and the monthly Ladies Night Out. I had the opportunity to be a Bible study leader my last semester. I also was a staff writer for the Anchor my senior year.

What is Women at Risk, International?
Women At Risk, International deals with 14 different at-risk issues domestically and internationally. One of their main focuses is Sex Trafficking. They partner with different organizations around the world to sell their jewelry and assist in the funding so women and children can be rescued from the Sex Trade.

What was your summer internship in Thailand like?
For nine weeks I lived in a completely different culture in a nation on the other side of the world. I lived in a city of millions of people, countless taxis, and seven-story malls. Thailand has three seasons: hot, very hot, and rainy. I lived in Thailand during the beginning of the rainy season. Thailand is also a Buddhist nation and Bangkok is a city that is hurting.

I was an intern at The Well for the summer, an organization that assists women who would like to leave the Sex Trade. We would befriend the women in the Red Light District and share with them that there is another way to live. The aim was to become their friend and to offer them hope. We would share with them about The Well and told them we would help them if they wanted to come to The Well.

What were your interactions with others like?
The women who came to The Well learned about the God of the Bible along with other educational classes like business and English. We also taught them a vocation so they could support themselves and their children if they had any. They could learn jewelry making, sewing, or card making at The Well.

I learned their names and listened to their stories. I lived among them and became a part of their family. Truly, everyone at The Well is a family. Each morning we had worship and we sang praises to God. They would tell me I had a strong heart for coming to Thailand alone. But honestly, they are the ones with the strong hearts. Choosing to leave the Red Light District is only the beginning of their journeys. I watched them face hardships with joy and saw them smile because they knew they were loved by God and they were not alone. I miss them.

I taught English on Tuesdays and Thursdays and helped The Well take pictures of the jewelry. I loved playing with the kids. You do not need to know the same language to share a smile and have an imaginary tea party.

What are the biggest lessons you learned in Thailand?
I need to live believing God is who He says He is and He will do what He says He will do. When I believe this I can know that in any heartache God is there and His promises are true. Even in the midst of hurting God is there and watching out for each of us.

How did your BBC education prepare you for your time in Thailand?
I did not realize how much my junior and senior years prepared me until I lived there. In Thailand there was no time to learn lessons. It was mainly drawing upon what you already knew - using the journey God has brought me on thus far. Focus on the Family introduced me to many lessons and I wrestled with them at BBC. Going to Thailand helped me see the concepts and questions that my mentors took the time to help me wrestle through had become my own. They had become a part of how I saw life.

In Thailand I started living out my faith in my conversations and my actions. I would not have been able to have the conversations or choose the actions I did if I had not made my faith my own before coming.

How can people get involved with WAR?
There are many ways to get involved. You could sign up for their newsletter, join their Prayer Circles, or host a jewelry party. The jewelry parties help sell the jewelry made by women rescued from Sex Trafficking. You also could become an intern. WAR accepts interns at their office in Michigan as well as coordinates overseas internships. Women can also be a part of WAR's Circle Tour. The Circle Tour is a two week observatory trip that gives women the opportunity to see what is going on in Asia.

What are you doing now?
I am learning what it is to live out loving God and loving people in real life. In college, my friends and I would talk about the people we would like to be and the lives we wanted to live. Now God is giving me the opportunity to learn what it is to live that out. I am working at Borders bookstore in Dickson City, PA, attending graduate school, and am planning for my wedding in May.

What are your future plans?
My fiance, Peter, and I want to love God and love people wherever God takes us. Peter loves carpentry and wants to use it as an opportunity to become friends with people as he studies to become a pastor. I am hoping to be a counselor who counsels victims of sexual abuse and other traumatic events.

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