Matt Pollock: Anticipating the Kempton Athletic Center

Matt Pollock: Anticipating the Kempton Athletic Center

As work on the new Kempton Athletic Center advances, anticipation grows for the new opportunities it is bringing to campus.

Among those looking forward to all the possibilities is Dean of Students Matt Pollock.

Dean Pollock has worn a variety of hats during his years at BBC&S. After earning his bachelor's degree (Secondary Education) from BBC in 1985, he returned in 1992 to serve as Financial Counselor.

Matt PollockOver the years his roles have ranged from Women's Head Basketball Coach to Student Activities Director to his current role as Dean of Students. He earned a Master of Science in Counseling Ministries in 1999.

His love for BBC&S and its mission is obvious through his interaction with students and his heavy involvement in campus life and community. He has played an important role in many unique opportunities leading to the growth of the school and its programs.

Serving as class adviser, assisting with Teen Leadership Conference, and playing a part in the establishment of the Underground Cafe are a few of the ways his presence on campus has made an impact.

Opening in fall 2011, the Kempton Athletic Center will serve as a hub of student activities and events. The 62,000 square-foot facility will include athletic courts, training and cardio areas, and an indoor running track.

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Insight Questions

What are you thoughts about the new Kempton Athletic Center?
Our entire team in the Office for Student Development is giddy about it. It is really our area - student life. For student activities, athletics, residence hall life, and campus life, this building is for us. We are excited and can hardly wait.

What are you looking forward to the most?
Student recreation is number one on the list. Students are going to have so many opportunities. By necessity, athletics dominates the use of the current gym. That is just the way it is; they need to practice. Currently, there are five intercollegiate athletic teams using our gym. It is a tight schedule. With the opening of the new building, we anticipate more space and more time for students to get in there and play, hold intramurals, and have free time. Especially in the winter months, there are few places on campus to go.

What other benefits do you see?
It benefits athletics by allowing them to schedule practices on a reasonable schedule. They will better be able to train and prepare for competition.

Another thing we are very excited about is having a better camps and conference ministry because of the building. It multiplies the space we have. We can do more clinics and camps. There will be more space for the LYFE Women's Conference, more space for Teen Leadership Conference. This will benefit recruitment and our community.

What impact do you see it having on campus life?
The recreation area, first of all, gives students a place to go, to play games, to set up competitions. It is an expansion of the intramural activity as well. I think it will provide a social dynamic we may not have envisioned yet. We want students to be active and interactive. There will be space to do stuff and hang out, but I am thinking about organized socials and events.

Also, because our school is very ministry focused, I am intrigued by the idea of students wanting to use the space to facilitate ministries for community and youth.

Which of your roles at BBC have you enjoyed the most?
I think probably, besides what I am doing now, being Dean of Men and Director of Student Activities. Working with the men and with student government, working on the Underground Cafe, working on social events, talking to guys in the dorm - all of these experiences were very exciting.

What is the most challenging thing about being Dean of Students?
The quantity of my areas of responsibility. I have to keep on top of the different areas. The challenge is really not that bad because there are a lot of good people running them all. I need to be tuned in to what they are doing and supporting them, and it is very diverse. The flip side is to maintain a single focus, staying missions-minded and very purposeful, remembering the big picture.

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Posted on: 1/7/2011 4:32:03 PM

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