Rebecca Wagner: Building for the Future

Rebecca Wagner: Building for the Future

From Colorado to Iowa to Iraq and back,with a lot in between, Rebecca Wagner is taking steps of faith and following God's leading in her life.

Rebecca served in the U.S. Army for four years before coming to BBC. God used her experience in the military to bring her to Him, and now she is training for global Christian leadership.

An only child raised by her dad, Rebecca's life was not easy through her adolescent years. She rebelled and became associated with a very rough group of friends. Rebecca Wagner

During high school, her life fell apart and she found herself living on the streets, with no one and nowhere to go. Her grandparents stepped in and helped get her into college. She realized shortly after that, though, her life was still headed nowhere. The Army then served as her way out of Iowa and into a whole different life.

Looking back now, she sees it was God's hand and avenue to bring her to Him.

A native of Colorado, Rebecca grew up in Durant, Iowa. She now lives on the BBC campus in Clarks Summit, PA. She is a Specialized Ministries major and plans to graduate in 2012.

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Insight Questions

What kind of connections do you have with BBC?
My chaplain in Iraq, Bryant Casteel, led me to faith in Jesus Christ and really brought me up in Christ. He graduated from San Diego Christian College. (Former BBC Professor) Dr. Chuck Emert and (BBS Professor) Dr. Don Ellsworth were professors there and he knew them well. He knew that at that time both Dr. Emert and Dr. Ellsworth were teaching at BBC&S and knew it was a doctrinally sound college to attend.

How were you led to faith in Jesus Christ?
Through several experiences while in the military. There were many specific seeds planted from basic training, Korea, and Iraq. God chose to water those seeds in Iraq. In basic training, a drill sergeant who was a youth pastor shared the Gospel with me on a regular basis but Christ never made sense to me. I never understood the reason for the cross. Iraq is when it all came together and made sense for me. In Iraq, I came to the realization of the severity of sin and the need for a Savior. It was then I completely committed my life to the Lord. I knew Jesus was the only way to make me right with God.

What was your military experience like?
I entered the Army in 2005 and was in training for a year. I then went to Korea for a year. After being stateside for six months, I was sent to Iraq for 15 months. I left on honorable discharge in July 2009.

What kinds of activities are you involved with at BBC?
I am on the tennis team and I am the event coordinator for the team. At my church, I am part of the encouragement team. Because of my experiences, I have huge ministries in the dorm as far as discipling and counseling girls, always having my door open to encourage them.

What are your plans for after graduation?
I am not sure exactly what God has for me after graduation, but I am willing to do whatever He has in store.

What impact has your time in the military had on you and your ministry?
I minister to girls through my experiences. I can help girls see where wrong paths will take them and encourage those girls to make right, godly choices. The military helps me see the truth of the realities of life in many situations.

What or who has been most influential at BBC?
Several people have been huge influences in my life. Dr. Jim and Diane Lytle have really been involved in discipling me, and I am so thankful for them. Errol and Dorcas Morgan have shown me the kindness of God and His people. Coach Mike Show's life is an encouragement and inspiration to me. Ken Morris is always such an encouragement in his love for the girls and especially for military personal. He has always helped me and made sure that I am doing alright on campus.

These people have shown me so much of what the body of Christ is and how a Christian is really supposed to live. They have such a willing spirit for the body's advancement! I have so much respect for BBC&S and what it stands for. This school is such a grace period in life that I am so thankful for. The faculty here is phenomenal. The personal community of the body of Christ is amazing. I feel like this place is my family!

What is your current military status?
I am on an honorable discharge from active duty, but I still have three years of inactive reserve.

What specifically were you involved in while you were in the military?
My official title was 92A-Automated Logistical Specialist. I worked in an aviation supply warehouse in Korea. In Iraq, I was my Command Sergeant Major's personal assistant. I was later moved into my unit's supply office.

In what ways has the military prepared you for life?
The military has shaped my entire outlook on life. It might not always show, but the military taught me what a disciplined life is to look like. The military was very patient in developing my maturity and growing my independence. One of the hardest, most gratifying things I learned was respect. Respect for others is vital in all relationships. My physical boundaries were also pushed and molded everyday, which helped me understand the body can undergo an immense amount of pain, but that pain only strengthens your mind.

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Posted on: 11/22/2010 3:13:30 PM

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