Elaine Brown: On the Move

Elaine Brown: On the Move

As a Professor of Health and Physical Education at BBC, Dr. Elaine Brown is always on the move.

In fact, she has a real passion for the importance of movement.

Dr. Brown realized at an early age the importance of physical education and felt drawn to help those who struggled with it. She especially enjoys working with elementary-aged students - a great benefit for preparing future teachers. She is also looking forward to the new student recreational center and its benefits for academic programs and across the BBC&S community.Elaine Brown

In addition to teaching, she supervises HPE student teachers serving in Christian and public schools and serves as the HPE chairperson and liaison to Teacher Education. She is also the co-director for the HPE 4 ME program, which offers area home-schooled children a regular physical education class.

Originally from Gallipolis, OH, she attended Cedarville University where she earned her undergraduate degree. Dr. Brown earned her master's degree from the University of Dayton and her doctorate from Ohio State University. She values the importance of knowledge and training as she teaches others about movement and physical education.

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Insight Questions

Why teach health and physical education?
I love that God has created us with the capacity to move and perform physically. It is a privilege to help educate others through the medium of movement.

Where does your interest in this area come from?
In school, I was really good at whatever was going on in physical education class. But we did the same things over and over again like dodgeball and kickball. I was good at it but saw a lot of kids who didn't have any interest. Everything was based on elimination, and kids would just have to sit out. A lot of kids would get out intentionally so they wouldn't have to participate. I knew there had to be something more to it than just elimination games and having activities only for those who were good at them. So I wanted to pursue that and God had gifted me with talents and abilities and I wanted to use them. I knew pretty much from seventh or eighth grade on what God wanted me to do.

What are the biggest challenges for a physical education teacher?
We try to get the students thinking about active participation and inclusion. We are not preparing future athletes in phys ed class; it should be designed to help all students develop a healthy active lifestyle. We want to make sure we include everyone and that we are teaching all students and educating them about movement. I am drawn to help those who don't get excited about movement. I don't care if you do something well. I want you to find something that you enjoy and then feel success.

What is HPE 4 ME?
Dr. Chris Davis started a program working with home-schooled students; my passion was elementary physical education. When I came to BBC it was a natural fit. We felt this was a definite ministry coming out of our department, a win-win not only for the home-schooled children but also for our students.

What do you want to see happen with the program?
We want to give our students the opportunity to practice teaching and to develop lessons. HPE 4 ME is connected to our methods class, which they take as a junior. They have the opportunity to decide what kinds of activities and abilities they want to work on. They get to think about curriculum, lesson planning, and implementation.

The home school children get high energy and best practices from service teachers. We get a lot of comments and compliments from parents about the program.

How will the new student recreational center impact you and your students?
It will provide space so HPE students can come in and practice their skill technique, more indoor teaching stations for the HPE 4 ME program, and many different activities can go on at the same time. It is a win-win situation for the entire college family.

It is going to create a marked difference. Right now the students don't have a place to go work on technique. In the new facility, they will have the space and the time. The equipment will be available to them. They get a chance to develop their skills better. It will provide a lot more opportunities for our HPE majors.

What are you looking forward to the most?
Additional teaching stations and open times for general college use.

What do you enjoy most about being at BBC?
Working with the HPE students, watching them grow and mature personally and professionally. I work with them once they start their junior year. My responsibility is to take them from the first semester in their junior year and finish the program with them. I will place them in student teaching positions and I will supervise them. I have a connection to all their methods courses in their last two years. That seems to be my niche here. I really enjoy seeing them grow and mature.

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Posted on: 11/5/2010 9:41:15 AM

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