Don Holdridge

Don Holdridge

Associate Professor of Greek and Bible


Dr. Don Holdridge has been teaching Bible and Greek classes at BBC since 1993. He is currently serving as the Forward Operating Base Chaplain at the Baghdad Central Collection Facility in Iraq. His responsibilities in Iraq include conducting two weekly services and a weekly Bible study, counseling members of all the armed forces, working as a staff officer for the 306th Military Police Battalion, visiting detention camps, and occasionally interacting with detainees as they await decisions on their cases by the new Iraqi government.

When discussing his ministry opportunities as a chaplain, he stated, “By taking a personal interest in people and their needs, bridges are built. There is a bond that is established when you work together, sweat together, grieve together, and laugh together with a group of soldiers. When you are going through the same trials together, the personal barriers begin to drop.”

Dr. Holdridge has been married to his wife Sandy for 19 years, and has a son named D.J. In college, Dr. Holdridge was an electrical engineering major, and some of the things he enjoys doing are traveling, exploring, and running. The Book of Virtues by William Bennett is his favorite book.


B.S., University of Rhode Island

M.Div., Th.M., Capital Bible Seminary

Ph.D., Dallas Theological Seminary

Posted on: 1/18/2008 11:23:02 AM

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