Chris Brown: Leading Through Technology

Chris Brown: Leading Through Technology

Chris Brown, a 1996 Youth Pastor major, saw a need in the world of ministry and missions and knew God was leading him to fill it.

The need he saw was for churches, missions, and other ministry organizations to have better access to technology through proper equipment and reliable, knowledgeable technology assistance.Chris Brown

He began to meet this need under Gospel Literature Services in 2001. In 2010, Chris felt it was time to expand his ministry and began TechPartner.

The goal is to provide equipment, training, instruction, support, and the means for technology experts to serve throughout the world.
Chris and his wife, Amy (Claypoole, 96), live in North Ridgeville, OH, and base their ministry out of Baptist Church Planters in Grafton, OH.

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Insight Questions

What led you to BBC?
My pastor, Nate Osborne, introduced me to BBC and I visited many times after. He suggested I get a year of Bible under my belt before going to Penn State University for Architecture. A ministry opportunity in church opened my eyes to youth ministry, so I changed to the Youth Pastor program and I got hooked on the teachers, staff, and students.

What are you currently involved in?
I am the Director of TechPartner. It is a ministry that comes alongside missionaries, pastors, churches, and other ministries around the world to form a partnership promoting the effective use of technology in fulfilling the Great Commission. We want to be their ministry tech partner.

What led you to establish this ministry?
After seeing the need to use technology in ministry and for the gospel, I realized there were not many offering it to churches, missions, internationals, and ministries. So we stepped out by faith to follow where we thought God was leading. Churches, missions, pastors, ministries needed to be equipped with tech tools for ministry, training in technology, service with basic tech help, and helping people use their abilities in the global outreach of the church.

How does TechPartner work?
It consists of websites and applications, video, networking, content filters, plus training and mobilizing people to serve in these areas. We are in process of becoming an official nonprofit organization (a subsidiary ministry of BCP). We are in the process of formulating our board of directors now. Baptist Church Planters is helping us to form our ministry.

What do you enjoy most and what have you found most challenging?
I love empowering missionaries, churches, and ministries with relevant effective tools for ministry and the gospel. I love hearing people say "You can help us with that?" or "We can do that?"

Most challenging: Time and finances. We are overloaded with projects and initial finances to get this big ball rolling to enable more people to serve the Lord in this tech ministry.

How did BBC help you meet this need?
BBC helped me get a great foundation on ministry fundamentals. I use my knowledge and experience in ministry to help other ministries with technology tools. My ministry was formed mostly through my teachers, but I was also involved in volleyball, drama, and, of course, computers. Along the way some of my biggest helpers have been my wife, (Vision for Youth President) Mel Walker, and my pastor as a teenager, Nate Osborne.

What do you hope to accomplish through this ministry?
Equip ministries and churches with tools to reach the lost for Christ, train them how to be effective with them, help overall technology needs, and mobilize people to serve the Lord with their gifts and abilities. We also want to add many to our staff and let them loose on the world of missions, ministries, and churches.

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Posted on: 8/25/2010 11:08:47 AM

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