Cody Fraser: Making a Difference

Cody Fraser: Making a Difference

Cody Fraser is no stranger to hard work. Growing up on his family's beef cattle farm in rural Maine, and later working in his father's excavation business, manual labor and seeing results became part of his DNA.

It also produced a drive to dig deeper into God's Word and aim to discover God's plan for his life.Cody Fraser

On campus, Cody is an officer with BBC Security, carries double duty as a member of the Student Leadership Council team, and takes a full load of credits each semester.

The goal: Make a difference for Christ, whether in a future business, the community, or his church.

A passion to make a difference in the world drives many students like Cody to BBC, where excellence in biblical higher education equips them for effectiveness in global Christian leadership.

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Insight Questions

Where are you from?
I am from Brunswick, a town in southern Maine. It is about 15 minutes from L.L. Bean. I grew up on my family's farm and lived there for my whole life. Growing up, I attended three churches; the one I currently attend at home is Lisbon Falls Baptist Church.

What was it like growing up?
Mom home-schooled my sister and I. Dad, when I was little, would usually be gone before I woke up. I'd see him at lunch then he'd come home when I was going to bed. As I got older, I began helping out on the farm. The older I got, the more work I did. Which, being home-schooled, meant I was available when Dad needed help.

In 2001, my Dad's biggest helper, my grandfather, died. The farm became too much for my Dad to run alone, so he shifted to excavation work. This led me to work even more. When I got into my last couple years of high school, work was slowing down due to the economy, so I started working at a small grocery store. That was some of my first real exposure to a work environment where most of the people were non-Christians. It helped me understand the change God can make in someone's life.

What has your education been like?
I was raised as a home-schooler. I can honestly say I was the head of my class, the class clown, the bully, the nice guy, and valedictorian. I never was stuck with a single curriculum. I'm pretty sure I used a little bit of every type of material out there. But I would also say I had a lot of education from working. There were many times Dad would call up asking for my help. I would go to the farm or to job sites and help Dad work on whatever project he had going on at the time. I learned how to do everything from running a chainsaw, to digging a foundation, to running almost every piece of equipment you can think of.

What is your major?
Currently it is Specialized Ministries. I'm still trying to decide what to do with that. I am looking into specializing in business and youth ministry. I would like to be involved someday in business, though I don't know exactly how. I feel it is something I would enjoy and God seems to be pointing me in that direction. And I would like to be involved in a youth group someday, so that is the attraction to youth ministry. Maybe that's not as a youth pastor but as a leader or counselor in a church's youth program.

How did you find out about BBC?
I would probably have to say from my assistant pastor, Jon Jones. He graduated from BBC&S and came to my home church in Maine for his internship. He eventually became the full-time assistant. And BBC is where my sister went to college. She came as a freshman my sophomore year of high school. The first time I visited the school was during my junior year when we came to drop Heather off.

What made you choose BBC?
Several factors impacted my decision. First, I knew some people who were here. For me, that was probably one of the biggest draws. They all liked it a lot. I figured I probably would too. Second, my assistant pastor had graduated from here and he highly recommended it. Third, I wanted to go somewhere and get at least a year of Bible. Now it's something more.

What are you doing on campus?
I am going into my junior year. I have hardly left since freshman weekend. Both summers I have been employed at the school working campus security. I've been pretty heavily involved in student leadership since day one. It started with getting involved in Freshman Crew, a student group that does lots of odd jobs around campus. Then I got involved in running Community Appreciation Day my freshman year. Sophomore year I was one of the leaders of Freshman Crew and in charge of Community Appreciation Day and also did other work inside of the Student Leadership Council. Now I am on the SLC executive team and am working closely with the president and the rest of the team planning events and programs.

What are goals for the future?
I would definitely say graduating is toward the top of that list. But short term, I would like to see some changes within SLC, making it a more focused and influential in people's lives so we can minister more effectively to the students, faculty, and surrounding community. Long term, I wouldn't mind getting married. For work, I would like to be involved in business in some capacity. I would really like to someday be able to help out ministries and further God's work by monetary means.

Why are you interested SLC?
I like being involved in the leadership here because it gives me a chance to do what I can to serve my classmates and fellow students. I enjoy planning, making decisions, and trying to help students grow as much as possible during the year. I like trying to make a difference in people's lives and I enjoy the challenges student leadership presents. I hope it will help me to be a more effective leader in years to come when I get outside the college world and into the workforce. I want to be able to train myself and develop the skills I need to effectively serve in a church or in business.

What is serving in student leadership like?
Student Leadership Council's overarching purpose is to help students grow in every aspect of their college lives and to help further the growth of the body of students as a whole. SLC gives students the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone by taking leadership roles in various aspects and student groups. Every class and residence hall has officer teams that are in place to help further the school spirit and unify the students.

My position in SLC is executive representative. SLC as a whole plans, runs, and directs almost every major school function. The executive team is in charge of making sure all of the events happen, and happen correctly. We cannot do all of it alone, so having all of the officers from the different classes and dorms is vital to making sure everything is accomplished. You can kind of explain what we do by thinking of an upside-down pyramid. The executive team is at the smallest end. We know what has to be done, but we can't do it all ourselves.

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