Campus visits enable students to focus on future major

Campus visits enable students to focus on future major

A special set of campus visit days this academic year are focused on specific undergraduate programs at BBC, giving future students a more in-depth look at their major field of interest.

Campus visits are the best way to gain a full view of what BBC has to offer. They also give future students opportunities to be a part of the campus community and connect early with key faculty, staff, and other students.

Scheduling a visit can be easily done online here.

Baptist Bible College & Seminary
Special, tailored visits
The set of special visit days focuses on BBC's 31 undergraduate programs and options. Faculty members spend additional time with visiting students, allowing them to explore their program of interest in more detail.

Days ahead in 2010-2011 include:

September 13 - Teacher Education Visit Day
September 27 - Pastoral Visit Day
October 11 - Business Administration Visit Day
October 22 - Communications/Drama Visit Day
October 25 - Chaplaincy/ROTC Visit Day
November 15 - Counseling, Camping, Sports, Women's, and Specialized Ministries Visit Day
February 7 - Missions Visit Day
March 25 - Office Professionals and Communications/Writing Visit Day
April 8 - Music Visit Day
April 9 - Saturday Campus Visit Day

Other unique visits ahead
Along with the program-focused days, other unique visit dates are ahead. Each provides special opportunities to connect and learn about BBC during an extended stay, while attending a leadership conference, visiting with a sibling, or over a holiday.

September 2-4 - iView Campus Visit Day
November 11-13 - Growing Leaders
January 27-29 - WinterDaze
February 18-21 - Sibling Visit Weekend
February 21 - Presidents Day Visit
March 3-5 - Spring College Days

While many visits have pre-arranged opportunities, future students can arrange for a campus visit when it is most convenient for them.

Find a calendar that indicates when visits can be scheduled here.

Future students visiting the BBC campus can:

-Observe the unique relationship BBC students have with their professors.
-Interact with current students and experience the community on campus and life in our dorms.
-Participate in special activities and events that display the positive energy on campus.

Take a virtual tour of the BBC&S Campus here.

Baptist Bible College & Seminary offers an outstanding Christian education through on-campus, online, and other distance learning options. Students go beyond the ordinary, learning to learn and serve with excellence as they gain critical leadership and life skills.

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Posted on: 8/12/2010 9:52:03 AM

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