Abigail Denton: Behind the Scenes

Abigail Denton: Behind the Scenes

Behind the earthmovers and dust surrounding work on the new Kempton Athletic Center, there is much work that takes place across campus.

At the center of it all is Abigail Denton, Administrative Assistant to the BBC Maintenance Department.

A 2009 graduate of BBC's two-year Office Administration program, Abigail has been working full time with the Maintenance Department since August 2009.
Abigail Denton
Abigail grew up in Indiana and came to Clarks Summit with her family in 2001. She recently married Isaac Denton, a student at Baptist Bible Seminary.

With a heart for missions and for people they hope to one day serve, the couple is looking for God's leading to discover in what capacity that may be.

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Insight Questions

What brought you to BBC?
I always wanted to be a mother and a wife, so I wanted to go to school for something I could do before that all happened. I took the Office Administration program so I could go to school and start working right away.

What is your position right now?
I am the office manager of the Maintenance Department. I looked at a couple different places and then heard they were looking for a full time secretary for the Maintenance Department. I have been here just about a year and I really like it.

What are your responsibilities?
My normal responsibilities are to answer phone calls and emails and deal with general maintenance requests. I do a lot of coordinating with the guys because they are not in there all time, so I serve as a middle-man.

What other things have you found yourself involved in on campus?
I help (Director of Facilities Administration) Andy Harkleroad with the classes he teaches at BBC. I grade papers for him and do all the recording for grade books. I also work with the housecleaning staff. I keep an eye on the buildings and walk through to make sure they are clean. I do all the invoices for the Maintenance Department. I keep track of all the different accounts and contact all the different vendors. I was the Volunteers Week secretary, and I also clean the Nordling Hall guest housing.

For the Kempton Athletic Center, I make a lot of phone calls for Andy, getting quotes for different things. Some days it is a big part of what I do, which is interesting because I don't know a lot about construction.

How did BBC prepare you for what you are doing now?
It was huge. If I hadn't already known the basic stuff about being a secretary, it would have been so hard for me to learn that end and the construction and maintenance end. It has been good for Andy, too, because he doesn't have to show me how to do anything.

I have to keep track of all the invoices, all the money, all the guys' hours; it is a big responsibility and a lot of work. I like it. I like all the details.

Public Relations is a huge part of my job, too. Being nice to people, being helpful and likable to people who call is really important. The Maintenance Department deals with a lot of people. You have to know how to handle things in a professional way. We want to have a good testimony and make the school in general look good.

What do you appreciate most about your education?
Everything was so practical in the Office Administration program. I have used everything I learned. It is nice working here because I get to talk to my teachers and tell them what I am doing.

Contact Information

Learn more about the Office Administration program here.

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Posted on: 7/8/2010 5:37:18 PM

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