Jordan Anthony: A Heart Open for Korea

Jordan Anthony: A Heart Open for Korea

Jordan Anthony
Two trips to South Korea opened more than just doors for Jordan Anthony. They also opened his heart.

Now on his third trip, Anthony's heart beats in anticipation of what God will do this time. On returning home Anthony, will also be excited to see how God will use him to minister to Koreans in the United States.

Anthony, a 2010 BBC graduate majoring in Missions, was born in Gillet, PA. He's the youngest of three sons, with one brother a fireman in Kentucky and the other a state trooper in New York.

Jordan's life is going in a little different direction. His experiences in mission trips and his Missions major prompted him to go back to South Korea. But it is not just the experiences or his education; it is his love for the people.

After returning later in 2010, Anthony will be work with Student's Life, Inc. His job will involve placing high school and middle school Korean students in homes and schools in the U.S. He will also be tutoring them after school, making sure they keep their grades up and helping them adjust to life in America. His job will also have him travelling back to South Korea for Student's Life.

Learn more about the Missions program at BBC here.

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Insight Questions

How did you come to know about BBC?
I went to high school at Twin Tiers Christian Academy in Breesport, NY, and I attended the Teen Leadership Conference twice while in high school. One of my high school teachers went to BBC and always spoke highly of it. Then I was at the Word of Life Bible Institute in New York for the 2006-2007 school year and heard more about BBC as they sent up reps for college fairs.

What made you choose BBC as the right place for you to transfer?
Price was a factor. It was less expensive than other schools I looked at. So I planned to attend BBC for at least one year, though I wasn't sure what I wanted to study.

What helped you choose your major?
Originally it was General Studies. Then I switched to Missions because of the short term trip experiences I had before I started at BBC. I knew God gave me a passion for foreign people, cultures, languages, etc. And I wanted to study something I knew I loved and would keep me interested.

What made you choose South Korea, and when did you go?
I made many Korean friends when I was attending Word of Life. They suggested I teach at a Word of Life's English school in South Korea that they attended. I could volunteer and teach English. I knew I was going to take a year off from school after I graduated from Word of Life and thought it would be a good opportunity to experience a new culture.

How many times have you been to South Korea?
I have been to Korea twice, the first time for three months in 2008 and then six weeks in 2009.

When do you plan to go back and what do you plan to do?
I am going back in July 2010 to help direct two English camps that will be held in two locations on the peninsula. I will also be involved in teaching Korean counselors on how to help students enjoy camp and how to connect with them spiritually in the best way possible. After the English times I am helping with a larger camp that is done in all Korean. This is a great opportunity to sharpen my Korean language skills as well as have an impact on more Korean youth.

Do you feel BBC equipped you for this adventure?
Yes. BBC really helped me sort out what I believe and how to apply that to my daily life, as well as my experiences in ministry. The Missions professors really helped me understand the importance of meeting people where they are and making adjustments to be able to help meet their spiritual needs. John Jackson in particular really showed me I need to be passionate about every little bit of ministry that I do and that my impact can affect the eternity of many people.

How will you apply this when you return?
I will be in South Korea for roughly half the summer of 2010 for ministry. After I return I will live in the Harrisburg, PA, area. My job will involve helping Korean middle and high school students move to the U.S. to attend school here and improve their English abilities.

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Learn more about the Missions program at BBC here.

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Posted on: 6/17/2010 10:08:10 AM

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