Amanda Hopkins: Law and Missions

Amanda Hopkins: Law and Missions

Amanda Hopkins
Amanda Hopkins was involved with a lot while a student at BBC. She was president of Commons Hall during her senior year in 2008-2009. She served as Council Representative on the Student Leadership Council. She was also involved in a BBC theatre production of "The Man Who Came to Dinner."

Amanda was drawn to BBC because of its Missions Department. In fact, missions is still her heartbeat as she now pursues the study of law at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

The transition to law school is, in her words, "all God."

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Insight Questions

How did you find BBC?
I chose BBC because I was impressed with the atmosphere on campus during my campus visit. After choosing BBC, I learned the value of community while living in the dorms. The small groups set BBC apart from other campuses.

What made you choose Missions as your major?
I grew up in Pennsauken, NJ. I lived minutes away from Camden, which in 2004 and 2005 was labeled the most dangerous city in the United States. About 44 percent of the people live in poverty. I fell in love with Camden. My heart ached for the single mothers. I cried over the prostitution. Camden is a city of minorities. The numerous cultures drew me to Camden like a child to a cookie jar. I began to see God work. He put me in a place where I developed a passion for other cultures.

How has the program equipped you?
My heart and passion revolved around reaching peoples of various cultures. Through the Missionary Apprenticeship Program, I was able to teach English in China. Through the teachers at BBC (especially Mr. John Jackson) my eyes were opened to techniques and practices that would better assist me in reaching any culture. As I read more literature concerning missions, I was alarmed to see the number of subcultures living in the United States.

How did your other BBC activities, such as theatre and SLC, equip you for future service and leadership?
My activities in the dorm equipped me for the future by challenging me in areas where I would not have otherwise challenged myself. I was blessed with a roommate who kept her heart on God by keeping herself in the Word. In addition to the girls in the dorm, my roommate challenged me to live out my faith. She taught me how to listen and sympathize with others.

Why did you choose law school as the next step?
The Lord has blessed me richly. I cannot praise Him enough. He blessed me with a humble upbringing. Then He continued to bless me at BBC. He placed a passion for people in my heart. He also brought a love of law into my life. As my fellow students often moaned while reading "Attacking Faulty Reasoning" by T. Edward Damer, I could not read it enough. At BBC, I learned to think and reason. While thinking may lead to many professions, I have a great love of law. I praise God for taking my passions and allowing me to combine them.

Why study at Rutgers University?
Rutgers School of Law is located in Camden. By God's grace, I have been accepted. I would like to continue to do God's work in Camden while studying law. Afterwards, if the Lord allows, I would love to practice law in the city while sharing God's truth.

What field of law do you want to work in?
I have not yet chosen a specific field of law. As a Missions major, I am eager to study International Law. If I chose this field, I would be able to use my law degree to live in other countries to both work and share God's truth.

What are you doing now?
I have already started a summer class for law school. I am studying contracts. While the class requires many hours of work per day, I am thoroughly enjoying myself. BBC certainly gives me a unique perspective to bring into the classroom.

How did you come to faith in Jesus Christ?
God came into my life when I was 6 years old in Sunday school. While certainly not a scholar, I understood that Christ paid the penalty for my sins. I am so thankful that the Gospel is a gift that is understandable, and thus accessible, to children.

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Learn more about the Missions program at BBC here.

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