Matt Montgomery: Preaching, Teaching, and Serving

Matt Montgomery: Preaching, Teaching, and Serving

Matt Montgomery
A heart for evangelism has marked Matt Montgomery's life, affecting his decisions on college and career.

Matt is Assistant Pastor at First Baptist Church in DuBois, PA. A 2007 graduate of Baptist Bible College, he is involved in many roles in DuBois, including leading the youth group and preaching at DuBois Christian Schools as the junior and senior high school chaplain.

Matt and his wife, Erin (Cavanaugh), whom he met at BBC, live in DuBois, PA, where she teaches preschool. He also serves on the BBC Alumni Association Executive Council.

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Insight Questions

What led you to BBC?
Even after visiting BBC, I was pretty convinced I would attend another Christian university. But I visited a friend one more time at BBC and had a meeting with an Admissions Counselor. He asked me what I wanted out of my education, and I was very honest with him about my heart for evangelism and what I cared for and didn' t care for. When I was done, he showed me the fairly new Outreach Pastor program, which I had pretty much just described to him. If I had gone to the other university, I would have had to choose between two majors I was not fully convinced of. So, God in His sovereignty matched up a major with my passions. I think I was one of maybe only two or three people in the program that year.

Did you stay with the Outreach Pastor major?
While I have a heart for evangelism and started in the Outreach Pastor program, my heart came back around to missions. I decided I would be better served with the education of the Pastoral Ministries program (including pastoral and counseling classes).

What were you involved in while at BBC?
To be truthful, I was not involved in many on-campus extra-curricular activities. I was in the Wind Ensemble for a year. It was the right year, since we went to Florida!

My main activities were my involvement in a local church and purposefully mentoring guys in the dorm. As far as the church side, I taught KidsWorship (like children's church), was a part of an evangelism team, was involved in a guys small group, and volunteered at the Scranton Rescue Mission, where we took our teens last year on a mission trip.

How did BBC help prepare you for your current work?
BBC helped prepare me first by giving me a good foundational knowledge of the Word of God and how to study it, enabling me to teach, preach, study, and answer questions, etc. Second, BBC helped prepare me for life and ministry by acting as a healthy environment for my personal growth. While I was there, I was strongly impacted by multiple godly people, including both my Resident Director and one of my Resident Assistants. Through BBC, God allowed my life to intersect with people, situations, and opportunities that were catalysts in growing me to be more like Christ. I think that is one of the most significant aspects of BBC life - instead of merely preparing students for what they will do, BBC is focused on impacting who they become. I also found my wife, Erin, at BBC!

Where and how are you currently serving?
I am currently an Assistant Pastor at First Baptist Church in DuBois, PA. My responsibilities include leading the youth group, teaching Sunday school, music ministry, preaching, other various ministries, and teaching a middle school Bible class and being the junior and senior high chaplain at DuBois Christian Schools.

What or who had the most impact on you here at BBC?
Ted Boykin, my Resident Director, and Tim Benedict, one of my Resident Assistants, both had a significant impact on me at BBC. Also, Tim Ritchie, my ministry coach from a local church, was a very godly influence in my life. Finally, my freshman year, God used Professor Dan Cruver, who taught New Testament Survey, to help me really realize what it meant for Jesus to be my "substitute" or "in my place."

Can you tell us about your family?
My wife, Erin, is currently a preschool teacher and involved in ministry. We actually live in an apartment below my grandparents, who were involved in ministry for many, many years. I work with my father, who is Senior Pastor of the church and administrator of the school. My mother works part-time at the school as well. I have two adult siblings, Mark and Melissa.

What is your favorite thing about working with young people?
I enjoy that they are at such a lively and formative stage of their lives. When God really gets a hold of a teen's heart, and I get to watch them serve Him in their youth, it is a wonderful thing!

Contact Information:
Email: matthewmontgomery86@yahoo

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