Nathaniel King: Student Leader

Nathaniel King: Student Leader

Nathaniel  King Nathaniel King is gaining valuable hands-on leadership experience as Baptist Bible College's student body president for 2009-2010. A junior from Sterling, VA, he graduated from Potomac Falls High School in 2007.

Nate is studying in a new academic program at BBC, Intercultural Youth Ministries. He has been serving and leading in that area and plans to graduate in 2011. He hopes to work with teens all over the world through camping ministries.

He is a resident of Christen Hall and attends Open Door Baptist Church, where he serves in youth ministry and AWANA programs. He also works on campus as a BBC security officer and is an important part of the Student Leadership Council.

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Insight Questions

What led you to BBC?
My mom. She is an alumnus and pushed me hard to visit BBC much to my chagrin. What teenage guy wants to go where his mom went to college? But I fell in love within minutes of visiting campus. Thanks, mom!

What are your long term goals?
I would love to become a missionary working with youth in some context. Some interests of mine have been Peru and the Caribbean. I would also love to start a camp ministry in an extremely remote place like the Amazon. An even bigger dream would be to have that camp bring in troubled kids from the states to go to camp for an extended period of time (more than just one week) so that they can be in a fun safe atmosphere to learn about the Gospel, Christ, and how to live for both of those.

Who or what has had the most influence on you here?
Former professors Don Roe and Don Holdridge both had major influences on me in the area of teaching me to grow in maturity in my spiritual life and in life with people. They were patient, loving, and blunt when they needed to be. This year, Dwight Peterson and Tim Morris have been huge in helping me think through certain areas of my life involving my father and other situations. Another huge influence has been the leadership responsibilities I have been given. They have taught me so much about organization, programming, and people.

How did you get involved with Student Leadership Council?
Freshman year our dorm SLC rep could no longer perform his duties, so I jumped in toward the end of second semester. Then I became the dorm SLC rep for my sophomore year and was given the responsibility of beginning Freshman Crew.

What do you like most about being on SLC?
I love working with my closest friends. It makes things so dysfunctional but so much fun. It is also nice to see people having a good time because of the work and effort I get to put in.

What other activities have you been/are you involved in?
I have been a representative for the (current) junior class for two years. I have helped with other dorm activities and lots of leadership stuff.

How has the faculty influenced you here?
Again Dwight Peterson, Don Roe (former professor), Don Holdridge (former professor) have been so helpful with other areas. My professors this semester have been so kind and gracious with my frequent absences and late work due to some different circumstances. It has been such a blessing to be pushed by people who know how to push me. They have taught me to have a faith and to defend that faith and to love that faith in so many different ways.

How has BBC helped you meet your goals?
BBC has helped me meet some goals in the area of personal discipline. I was not the most compliant freshman, and being placed in leadership positions has helped me see the value of discipline and obedience even when I don't like to. Also, BBC has taught me how prideful I am and how much I need to try to change that. God hates pride and will crush the prideful. BBC has taught me to see that and react in a correct way towards my sin.

What are your summer plans?
I am planning on being the senior high program director at Lake Ann Camp in Lake Ann, MI. Once again I will get to work with some of my closest friends and hundreds of teens. I'm happy.

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Posted on: 4/21/2010 5:49:41 PM

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