Nathan and Amy Kauffman: Excellence Through Communications

Nathan and Amy Kauffman: Excellence Through Communications

Nathan and Amy Kauffman
BBC graduates are effective Christian leaders in a range of settings.

Two recent graduates of BBC's Communication Ministries program - Nathan and Amy Kauffman - are setting the pace in several areas.

Since graduating, Amy in 2003 and Nathan in 2004, both have made good use of their BBC education.

Nathan serves on the youth committee and as a deacon-assistant in their church. Amy serves as an event coordinator, teacher, piano accompanist, choir director, music committee member, and mentor.

Along with their heavy ministry and church involvements, both have been able to pursue communication-related interests and careers.

Having met at BBC as students, Amy and Nathan married and later moved to the Rochester, NY, area. There, Nathan has become involved the local town council and is working for a local NBC affiliate. Amy has recently authored a book called "Organize Shmorganize: The Only Book You'll Ever Need...To Get Organized," published by AuthorHouse.

Both Amy and Nathan say the Communication Ministries program was a good choice, and both are happy they have been able to use their education in unique and practical ways in their careers and in their church ministries.

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Insight Questions

What led you each to BBC?
Nathan: I wanted to go to a Christian school, play basketball, and stay close to home, so of course BBC allowed all of that. I wasn't exactly sure of my future plans, but knew I needed Bible training and I already had a strong appreciation for communications.

Amy: My parents required one year of Bible College before any other kind of schooling. I decided to stay at BBC for the additional years to finish my bachelor's degree.

Why the Communication Ministries program?
Nathan: As a freshman, I tentatively set my sights on a Health and Physical Education degree, but after meeting Amy, who was already in the Communication Ministries program, I realized it would be a better fit for my future. The confidence and abilities I developed as a communications student have been what I've built my career on thus far.

Amy: I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to get do after college. Communications was a broad degree that spanned several fields and fit many of my interests. I knew I would never be "stuck" with that degree. It would serve me well whatever I decided to do.

Nathan, what is your role at WHEC?
As online sales manager I am responsible for a team of account executives who sell our website's online advertising. I oversee many aspects of the website's functions, interact with media agencies to create ongoing ad campaigns, develop strategies to promote both local and national businesses, and present new web products and services to our clients as well as my sales team.

What led you to your interest in the town council?
Obviously, our political landscape has been changing drastically, especially the past few years. Because of this I developed a quiet motivation to get involved, even if it were in a small role. I was tired of hearing myself and others complain about elected officials, so I decided to actually do something about it other than talk and see what could happen. There is a great need for Americans to see other "regular people" take action for what they believe in. Hopefully this can be one of those examples.

What do you hope to accomplish through your role on the council?
In small-town politics, a lot of what we do involves the day-to-day, behind-the-scenes operations, the little things no one thinks about unless they don't happen. There are other more noticeable things, like supporting the local business owners in various ways and running public meetings. My number one goal is to help the town prosper through lower taxes, less-restrictive policies for building homes and opening businesses, and better communication between the town and the county and state governments. My other goal is to build relationships and knowledge at the town level to get involved at a county and state level down the road.

Amy, what is your book about?
It is about getting organized. Friends and family frequently asked for advice and help with de-cluttering and organizing. I found myself repeating the same things and wanted to have a handy little book to give to people when they had questions about getting organized. I started doing some research and realized the market really needed a book like this. Almost every book I found on organization was over 150 pages. That is great for someone like me, but not for the typical unorganized person. They would never read a book that long. I wanted to write something that wouldn't be intimidating, but motivational and easy to read.

What were some of the challenges you faced in the process?
I had no idea what I was doing. The journey was completely new and I didn't even know what I didn't know. I had to learn about writing, re-writing, editing, finding a publisher, developing a marketing plan, getting feedback, and analyzing my work. I read so many books about all of these areas to try to compensate for my lack of experience. It was a very time and energy consuming process.

Will you be writing more books of this nature?
I plan to write books similar in size, energy, and motivation, but not necessarily on the subject of organization. This book really covers it all. In the near future, I plan to write another "mini book" on finances and one on health and fitness. My tentative long-term plan includes writing mini books on politics, religion, fashion, and relationships. Basically, I am the energetic, entertaining, conversation-friendly, non-manual version of the "for dummies" books.

What are some of your goals for career and ministry?
Nathan: I keep going back to Micah 6:8, Ephesians 5, and John 21 because I want to make sure I'm walking with Him, showing the fruits of the Spirit in all things, and truly loving my Savior. As far as my career, I certainly have some monetary and positional goals that keep me motivated, as well some specific skills I'd like to fully develop.

Amy: I want to have the desire and ability to follow through with my plans to write more books about the various subjects I mentioned before, to influence women's lives to pursue personal excellence. Inside and outside the church, I would like to use writing as a platform to connect with people so I can demonstrate and share the gospel, to be financially successful, and use this as a testimony for the Lord, and also to be able to give to the Lord's work through various agencies, missionaries, and schools.

My ministry goals aren't about numbers or programs. They are about personally adorning the doctrines of God and wearing them with excellence. This is done through the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. I am responsible to pursue holiness and be an example to others. Any "fruit" I may want to see from others, God will take care of in His time.

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