Drew Whipple: Ministering to Future Students

Drew Whipple: Ministering to Future Students

spotlight Drew Whipple recently joined the Baptist Bible College Admissions Staff. He is a 2000 BBC graduate of the Pastoral Ministries program, and met his wife, Lisel, while they were both students. They have been married nine years and have a six-year-old daughter, Kaelee, who never stops amazing them.

Drew and Lisel served at his home church in Lafayette, IN, for five years and then in Kobe, Japan, for two years.

In addition to serving at BBC, he is a student in the Master of Arts program, and leads a small group at Parker Hill Community Church in Clarks Summit.

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Insight Questions

What brought you to BBC as a student?
My dad came here and it was the only place I ever considered going. Honestly, I really didn't even look around at other schools. But once I got here, I loved it- the campus, the people. I believe the biggest reason God brought me to BBC was the social education, to learn how to build relationships and connect with people. That, as much as theological training, is vital for people in ministry. I came to BBC because of my family, but what I loved the most were the relationships I built here. God used these relationships, and continues to do so, to sharpen and encourage me in my pursuit of Christ.

Why did you choose the Pastoral Ministries program?
My dad is a pastor and as a child I couldn't imagine doing anything other than following in my dad's footsteps. In high school, God strongly grounded that desire in my heart as I was challenged and grown through the student ministries of my home church.

What were you involved in prior to returning to BBC?
I worked for five years in my home church in Lafayette, IN, and for two years I served as a youth pastor at an English-speaking church in Kobe, Japan.

What led you to Japan?
We realized God was saying it was time to step out into more unfamiliar territory. Your "home town" is a safe place, but you can only go so far there. We had been praying for opportunities, and a friend of mine forwarded an email from a friend of his looking for a youth pastor in an English-speaking church in Japan. So I applied.

There is a large community of people who end up living there for one to three years, constantly rotating in and out. A lot giant companies have people working there in international offices and people are always coming and going. So we went to work there in an international high school and were part of one of the only English-speaking youth ministries in Japan.

How much have you grown through that time?
In some ways, light years. In other ways, not nearly enough. I feel like I still haven't grown up. (I have this love for pranks.) Maybe the biggest way I have grown is by learning God uses all different people, all different backgrounds, and all different denominations. Being part of a non-denominational church that was one of the only English-speaking churches in an area of 12 million people, you learn how to respect, love, honor, and come together as a church of very different kinds of people. It takes a lot of work.

What interests you about being an Admissions Counselor?
My greatest passion in ministry has always been assisting families and students to seek and pursue God's will for their lives. I believe that the Admissions Department will be a great place to pursue that passion.

Why do you want to pursue a master's degree?
I have a love for reading and for learning. For years, I have been pursuing anything I can. It's gotten to the point where I decided I should actually get a degree because of it. I finally landed on a program that I wanted to complete, the Master of Arts through Baptist Bible Graduate School. I would like to get it with an emphasis in worldview studies. I would really like to end up teaching.

Contact Information
Phone 570.585.9370

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Posted on: 9/1/2009 2:55:07 PM

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