The May Family: Volunteers Making a Difference

The May Family: Volunteers Making a Difference

The Mays have been coming to Volunteers Week at Baptist Bible College & Seminary for five years. For Eric ('96, BBS) and Ingrid ('95, BBC), the annual visit is a time of service and family renewal.

Volunteers Weeks in 2009 were held June 14-20 and July 12-18. The weeks enable volunteers to help with many key needs on campus, including painting, landscaping, and carpentry. This year, volunteers also helped with cleanup in the wake of a strong storm that damaged about 100 trees.

Joining the couple on campus for the July week were their children: Elaina, 13; Lydia, 11; Julia, 10; Austin, 8; and Sophia, 2.

The family lives in Ira, VT, a small town in west-central Vermont near Rutland. Eric is the pastor of Ira Baptist Church in West Rutland.

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Insight questions with Ingrid

Why do you come to Volunteers Week?
We were here for Teen Leadership Conference one year and (former BBC Defenders Coach) Roger Jacobs encouraged us to come back for Big Blue soccer camp when it coincided with Volunteers Week.

We sit in the pews at church and soak everything in but there's only so much soaking you can do; you have to get out and do it. God commands us to serve and we don't want to just tell our children that they should serve; we want to show them how to do it. We feel that this is a great opportunity to give back; and it's safe and fun for the kids. And I don't have to cook for a whole week!

We have found it's a very inexpensive vacation and great for our family of eight.

What do you enjoy the most?
Getting to know other people and making friends. And it's nice to see all of our friends here at the school. Coming here is like coming home. It's just a great time to get involved in other people lives.

We really look forward to seeing the people we have met and formed relationships with over the years. We even have friends we met here who have been to Vermont to ski and visit and help us make maple sugar.

What are you working on this week?
We are scraping all the windows in Jackson Hall. We're taking out all the storm windows, scraping the frames, caulking them, washing the windows and putting them back in.

What projects have you worked on in previous years?
We used to clean all the residence halls to get them ready for the college kids. We would go through and clean all the bathrooms, suites, and lounges in every dorm. One year we painted all the railings, and we've painted classrooms in Jackson Hall. We've also done some maintenance.

What are your kids doing while they are here?
There is a nursery for the little ones, but all the others are working. And it's something different for them. It's good for the kids to be on their own, and Sophia can't wait to go to her class in the morning.

One of the other volunteers was working with one of my daughters and she told me that she was working so hard. They all like working, and it is really good for them. And they love having all the soda and ice cream they can eat from the cafeteria!

What has your experience been like this year?
It's been awesome. It's great to come back and see the things that we have done in previous years. And it's exciting to feel that sense of accomplishment and being able to give back to the school.

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Posted on: 7/16/2009 10:08:07 AM

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