Alastair Wright: Teacher and Student

Alastair Wright: Teacher and Student

spotlightAlastair Wright is a student in Baptist Bible Graduate School's Master of Science in Christian School Education program. Originally from London, England, he now lives with his wife Kathy and their four children -- Kimberley, 15; Allie, 12; Megan, 11; and Ian, 8, in Barrington, RI.

Alastair is the Athletic Director at Barrington Christian Academy. He also teaches Physical Education to grades six through 12 and coaches the school's soccer and basketball teams.

He earned his undergraduate degree from Cedarville University in 1998. Prior to living and teaching in Rhode Island, he lived in Evansville, IN, and taught at Evansville Christian School for 16 years.

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Insight Questions

Why did you become a teacher?
Both of my parents were teachers, but I said I would never be a teacher. I thought I wanted to be a chef because I enjoyed cooking. I started working at a Holiday Inn and worked my way up to cook. At the same time, I was coaching soccer at my church's Christian day school. Through that experience the Lord really started working on my heart. I enjoyed working with the kids, teaching, and sports.

What led you to Barrington Christian Academy?
We really liked the school in Evansville. We were really involved in our church there. But the school only went to eighth grade. My oldest daughter was approaching high school age, but there really weren't any options for her. The public high school wasn't something to consider. So when she was in about sixth grade we started looking at other schools and positions in other areas. We heard Barrington had just started their high school and the Lord started to lead us in that direction.

What do you enjoy the most about teaching?
Being able to interact with the kids, to be an example, to share the truth with them, and seeing them have success in their lives. Watching them grow and mature is important, too. Not that it's anything I've done, but the process of building relationships and seeing how the Lord uses them and how they grow is enjoyable. The greatest reward my kids can give me is not what they achieve athletically but if I know 20 years from now they are still living for the Lord.

What have you found to be the most challenging thing about teaching?
There are so many backgrounds and so many things that kids have to deal with today that we never did. The things that are going on in their lives are unbelievable, even in Christian circles. They are under pressures and bombarded with things so much sooner.

Why did you choose Baptist Bible Graduate School?
It's so hard to take classes and teach and fulfill the other responsibilities at my job. I was looking for a program I could do through the summer. I knew Baptist Bible College & Seminary had a graduate program because the principal of my school went through the program here.

So I went online and I saw BBGS had a concentration in PE and I thought that was even better. Then I saw Dr. Elaine Brown on the faculty list. I was a student of Dr. Brown's at Cedarville, so I emailed her and asked if she thought it would be a good fit for me. She said it would be.

What have you learned from teaching?
It has taught me how much we have to learn still. It has taught me that as a teacher we've got to be disciplined because things are changing. We've got to be dedicated to what we do.

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B.S., Cedarville University

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Posted on: 7/6/2009 4:07:55 PM

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