Ken Morris: Ministering to the BBC&S Campus

Ken Morris: Ministering to the BBC&S Campus

Ken Morris is the Director of Safety and Security at Baptist Bible College & Seminary. He previously worked in the Crime Prevention Unit of the Gloucester Township Police Department in Blackwood, NJ.

He and his wife Shirley have three children - Christopher, Timothy, and Jennifer. Christopher and Timothy are both graduates of BBC.

After serving as a deputy sheriff in Greenville, SC, for five years, Ken joined the Gloucester Township Police Department in 1988. While there he was a field training officer and a member of the department's SWAT team.

Ken truly has a heart for people and for BBC&S. His motto on campus is: "It's all about respect." He adheres to this as he deals with people everyday and he teaches it to the students who work for him.

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Insight Questions

How did you become involved in law enforcement?
I believe God called me to be a police officer. When I was living in South Carolina, I was teaching the senior high Sunday school class about being who God meant for you to be and I started to think about myself. I was 28 years old and I had gone to Bob Jones, but I didn't feel like I knew what I was supposed to be.

One night I stopped at the police department and picked up a pamphlet about careers in law enforcement. What I was telling my senior highers began to click. So I introduced myself to a cop and rode in his patrol car as a citizen ride-along. I went on ride-alongs for about 10 months and later they hired me on.

What brought you to BBC&S?
I was two years away from retiring when the BBC choir came to sing at a church in our area. Our son Timothy was in the choir and he and some of the guys stayed at our house. They told us about Rick Moore, who had been the Director of Safety and Security on campus for a number of years, and about his homegoing. That really affected me.

Later we went to see the choir sing and then they all came to our house. I was really impressed with the choir and the school's testimony. I wanted to be a part of that. I spoke to Dr. Larry Kauffman and he told me more about the ministry the school has. Timothy was working in maintenance at the time with Andy Harkleroad. So I spoke to Andy about working at the school in maintenance. I told him I would do whatever he needed to have done.

We applied to be dorm parents, but it didn't work out. I still had the maintenance job so I worked part time in New Jersey and traveled up here Thursday through Sunday. Then the Director of Safety Security position became available, which was perfect.

What kinds of initiatives have you implemented since you have been here?
I recruited my security staff from student leadership and athletics. I want people that are leaders with good self-esteem and self-respect. People that can step right into the position.

I hired more people so we had a more solid presence on campus, especially at campus functions and athletic events. We have security at all games and give people the reassurance by our presence.

Everyone got new uniforms so they can be identified easily. They now all have new flashlights, pepper spray, and radios with a holder. We have a truck I had painted and detailed, as well as added new signage around the campus.

In what ways have you used your training and background at BBC&S?
I just know what needs to be done. Security needs to be visible, to make a statement that says we're here. That's for the comfort of some people and to let other people know they can't come on campus and cause trouble. I will speak during camps and conferences to introduce the presence and authority of security and what we expect of the kids visiting. We need to be seen and respected but also show respect. I tell my staff that we are here to assist and to help.

What are your responsibilities here?
I do whatever needs to be on campus really. I work in maintenance and I am the Director of Safety and Security. I am here to help and assist. I love it when the students call me and say their battery is dead or their tire is flat. I feel like a father and I want to take care of the people in my charge.

What is the best part of working at BBC&S?
There is so much. It's the relationships we have made, and seeing the relationships the students make while they're here and the encouragement we see going on here on campus everyday. It's like reliving my college years. We love it here; it's like being at camp.

After 25 years seeing the dark underside of things, it has been exhilarating to be here and to be part of a campus full of people who are involved in God's work right now. The mentoring that goes on and the hope there is here for the future is exciting. These students are the future of our faith.

Contact Information:
Phone: 570.585.9213

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Posted on: 6/24/2009 12:20:15 PM

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