Laura Gardoski: A Passion for Words

Laura Gardoski: A Passion for Words

spotlightLaura Gardoski, a senior in the Communication Ministries program, has always had a love for reading. This led her to develop a passion for writing as well.

She chose the Communication Ministries program to increase her writing skills and learn how to better share her thoughts and ideas in her own way.

She recently applied for an internship position at Focus on the Family and was accepted. This summer she will spend five weeks working in their Book Publishing Department in Colorado Springs, CO, as an editorial intern.

Laura currently lives in Clarks Summit with her family.

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Insight Questions

What do you enjoy most about the Communication Ministries program?
All the enjoyment I receive from my program is because of my professors. They have shaped me as a writer and communicator by encouraging my creativity and challenging me to work harder. They care about me and about my future, and that has motivated me to learn as much as I can in my classes and benefit from their experience. They are so passionate about what they do and I am so thankful for their guidance.

What are your plans for after graduation?
Hopefully all I do and experience during my upcoming internship will help me decide where I will go after graduation. I am certainly open to continuing my education. One possibility is to get a degree in Library Science. I have worked in both the campus and public libraries for a number of years. I could see myself combining writing and libraries. They are two of my passions, and they conveniently go hand in hand.

In the area of writing, I am willing to consider almost anything. I am interested in editing, creative writing, and possibly journalism. I hope to be able to combine writing and libraries. I will have a better idea of what my possibilities are as a writer as a result of my internship this summer.

Why did you choose Focus on the Family for your internship?
During my family's vacation last summer we had the chance to visit their impressive campus in Colorado Springs. While we were there I asked about the possibility of an internship, and within minutes I met the volunteer coordinator. I kept in communication with her during the school year and turned in an application. During the course of the spring semester I was interviewed twice by phone and within a couple of weeks was informed I had been accepted.

What will it mean to you personally and professionally?
Because this internship is so far away it will force me to "grow up" by being more independent. Since I am graduating in a year, I am eager to take a step toward figuring my life out on my own and seeing how and where God will use me.

In addition, I will be exposed to a professional workplace where I will gain experience and insight that can only help me when I graduate and find a job. I am expecting to learn more about the book publishing process and discover where I best fit in.

What will your responsibilities be there?
Editing and proofreading will be two of my main responsibilities. As an intern in the book-publishing department, I will be involved in everything from participating in book acquisitions meetings to writing rejection letters. My contact at Focus on the Family told me that I will be given opportunities to be involved in as many different aspects of book publishing as possible. This may even include sitting in on a script read-through for Focus on the Family's popular kids' radio program, Adventures in Odyssey.

How do you feel about the internship?
They welcome interns throughout the year and I am excited to be a part of their program. They are willing to give me practical experiences to enable me to meet the requirements for BBC's Communication Ministries program. An internship is required for my major, and my family has benefited from Focus on the Family's ministry for years. It seemed too good to be true to be able to have the opportunity to intern there. I was very impressed with their facility and staff, and I knew I could learn so much from being in that environment. In addition, Focus on the Family is located in Colorado, and I wanted to travel a little further away for my internship since I attend a college so close to my home.

Are you nervous?
I am really excited about the experience and exposure it will give me. I am a little nervous about going so far away to a place where I do not really know anyone, but God has guided me through this entire process and I know He has a perfect plan for me. I cannot wait to go and see what He has for me. Also, the people at Focus on the Family have been very helpful during this whole process, specifically in providing a place for me to live with a Christian family in the area. I know they will take good care of me.

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Posted on: 5/28/2009 4:22:22 PM

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