Greg Harduk: A Ministry of Music

Greg Harduk: A Ministry of Music

A recent graduate of Baptist Bible College's Music Education Program, Greg Harduk will be heading to the prestigious Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester in New York this fall.

Greg has been a student of music for most of his life. He played various instruments throughout elementary school and began playing the piano when he was 12.

He has lived in Pennsylvania, western New York, and North Carolina, as well as Michigan, which he considers home.

He came to BBC after touring the campus with his youth group in high school. Within hours of coming to the campus, he knew it was a special place. After meeting with members of the BBC music department he also knew it was the right place for him.

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Insight Questions

Why did you select music as your major?
I have always loved performing, teaching, and learning about music. To me there was no other choice than to go into music. I don't really even remember considering anything else. I think I made a great decision.

How would you like to use it?
Music is limitless in its applications. I would like to use music in my local church of course, but professionally I would like to participate in a mixture of performance, directing, conducting, teaching (both privately and in classes) and whatever else I might discover I enjoy doing. Ultimately, I would love to teach at a university or college.

Why did you pick Eastman?
Eastman is considered to be at the top of music schools, so I wasn't sure if I would get in. As I started to process their application requirements and criteria, I began to realize Eastman seemed to be the perfect place for a student like myself. They are not solely interested in a student who can play scales and arpeggios really fast; they are interested in a complete person who is not only an exceptional performer, but has all the other skills necessary for success. I believe this is one of BBC's greatest strengths: producing complete graduates. I was well prepared for success at Eastman.

What do they have to offer you?
Eastman can offer access to some the greatest teachers in the world. Perhaps the greatest determining factor for success at any school is the quality of the professors you spend most of your time with. I can be confident knowing that wherever I choose to spend my time I will be surrounded by professors of the highest quality.

Students come to Eastman from nearly every country in the world because they are known for producing exceptional leaders in the field of music.

How has your experience at BBC helped you reach your goals?
BBC's Music Department has helped me reach my goals by equipping me with the skills required for success, the knowledge to use them, and the passion to reach others. Time spent in the classroom, practice room, library, and dorm room doing homework increased my academic and applied skills. Time spent rehearsing and performing with groups and as a soloist, working with local schools, and gaining teaching experience, increased my interpersonal skills. Both sets of skills are required for a successful career in any field, and BBC ranks alongside the best in equipping willing students for success.

How have the faculty here had an impact on you?
The faculty of the Music Department and the College can have an impact on students because they combine excellence in their fields with passion for seeing students develop. They had an effect on me because they cared about me as a person created in God's image and truly wanted to see me grow.

What are your long-term goals?
I would love to teach university-level music at some point. In that position my duties would involve a variety of activities, including teaching classes like music history and theory, directing a choir or other vocal ensemble, private piano instruction, and performance. This is most likely to occur in a college setting as opposed to a high school because of the narrowed focus. This plays to my interests, because I love working with college-age students and enjoy the passion and desire they bring to the learning process.

What other activities have you been a part of?
On campus I have been involved as a Resident Assistant in Shaffer Hall, accompanist of various BBC choral groups, including Chamber Singers and Concert Chorale, recitalist, lecturer, and intramural team member.

I have worked with several ministry groups in the area, including groups from New Life Church, Summit Baptist Bible Church, and Heritage Baptist Church. Most of my duties were music related, including worship teams, choir accompanying, solo accompanying, special music, and youth group music. Some other experiences, however, included nursery duty and Sunday school.

What do you appreciate most about BBC?
The first time I stepped on the BBC campus I knew there was something different about it compared to the other campuses I had visited. There was a feeling of a special community and it really felt like home. Over the years I have appreciated the family feeling the campus has been designed to convey. The dorms are built to encourage interaction between students and professors. Resident Directors often invite students to their homes for a meal or dessert, or to watch a big game. It is the perfect size: just big enough where you don't always know everything about every student on campus, but small enough that you develop strong and lasting relationships.

I love every professor in the Music Department. These are great men and women who love music and love students. They hold degrees from some of the most prestigious schools in the country, but they aren't just a group of smart people. They are real people who want to invest in you, and they do so with great skill and care.

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B.S.M., Baptist Bible College

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Posted on: 5/15/2009 2:23:59 PM

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