Sherrie Holloway: Living in the Overflow

Sherrie Holloway: Living in the Overflow

Sherrie HollowaySherrie Holloway is a fixture at BBC and a treasured member of the Health and Physical Education faculty. For 20 years, she was Head Coach of the Lady Defenders basketball team. Her passion for God and His Word is evident in her teaching and speaking ministry, as well as in her interactions with the students in and out of the classroom. Miss Holloway enjoys teaching and desires to live each day "like crazy!"

Through her speaking ministry, Wellspring, she works with many different groups and uses each opportunity to teach God's Word in a way that is straightforward, challenging, and easy to understand.

Insight Questions

What is Wellspring?
Wellspring is the name I've given to my speaking ministry. My desire is that God would use me to bring His Word to those who are thirsty in their spirits for truth.

It's called Wellspring because I want the truth of the Word to be so filling in me that it overflows into the reality of my life's circumstances. Jesus talked to the Samaritan woman in John 4 about true thirst, and said, "The water that I will give will become a spring of water welling up to eternal life." I want to be actively engaged in my life, to truly live, and not just get through it in neutral.

Why do you do it?
Speaking the Word is my passion. As God gives me opportunity, I desire to be used to help others make the connection between truth and real life. I love what I do here at BBC as a teacher in the Health and Physical Education Department. I get to do what I really enjoy. Teaching here allows me to help the students learn and develop their knowledge about their area of interest but it also gives me a chance to walk with them as they live each day and hopefully help them learn about their God and how that should spill over into their daily lives. It's a great opportunity for connection.

What led you to do this?
I've been doing this for some time now. When I stepped down from coaching, I thought maybe I would take a step in this direction to see what God might do with it. I enjoy being able to speak to the groups as well as interact with the people God brings. And only God knows what He might do with this ministry in the future.

How has it affected you and what have you learned?
As I said, I would consider speaking the Word one of my greatest passions. While I'm doing it sometimes I'm thinking, "This is so incredible! I can't believe I actually get to do this!"

The learning part is a continual process. There have been times that God has given me an opportunity to live what I teach. I have had certain circumstances come up when the Spirit reminds me of the truth I just talked about, or that I will be talking about.

What do you speak about and why did you choose those topics?
I mainly speak to groups using the Bible. I'm not a topical speaker. I would consider myself more of an exegetical teacher. I believe the Bible has much to say so I let it do the speaking rather than give my own points and use the Bible as support.

I have spoken to some Health and Fitness Bible study groups, making the link between caring for our bodies and biblical practice. I have also spoken to several groups about leadership. It's not what I mainly do, but it has given me some neat opportunities to make connections in the community.

I want to make a connection between what we read and give mental ascent to as truth, and real life. It's one thing for us to say we believe what the Bible tells us about God, His work, His plan, and His love; it is another to actually live as though it is true.

Who do you speak to?
I speak to groups of all sizes and kinds, including women's conferences, singles conferences, conference workshops, leadership seminars, teen groups, women's retreats, college and career retreats, and women's ministries events.

What do you hope to accomplish through this?
My hope is that I can help people see God, teach them to understand truth and give them practical helps for living life, rather than it living them.

Do you have any engagements coming up?
I have some speaking lined up for the spring and summer:

Fellowship Bible Church, Troy, PA - March 27
Quenched, Baptist Bible College - April 4
Forest Lake Baptist Church, Montrose, PA - May 9
LYFE09, Baptist Bible College - May 21-23 and May 29-30
Kingdom Bound, Buffalo, NY - August 3

Contact Information:
Email: or
Phone: 570.585.9238

B.S., Baptist Bible College
M.Ed., East Stroudsburg University

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Posted on: 2/19/2009 2:21:37 PM

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