Jaime Colman: Walk Humbly

Jaime Colman: Walk Humbly

Jaime ColmanJaime Colman is a dual-enrolled student. She is a senior at Abington Heights High School in Clarks Summit, PA and in class at BBC. After she graduates from college, she would like to be a teacher. She loves children and believes every child has potential no matter what their circumstance. Above all, she wishes to glorify Christ through her life and seek His heart daily.

In October 2007, she began a project through nearby Parker Hill Community Church to collect shoes for the people of Karogoto, Kenya. The project she entitled "Walk Humbly" was so successful she was invited to Washington, D.C. to participate in the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives Roundtable in December 2008.

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Insight Questions

Why did you begin this project?
I told a pastor I felt God was laying on my heart to play a part in something bigger than myself. He told me about the partnership our church has with the community of Karogoto, Kenya through the 410 Bridge. He also told me they were in dire need of shoes. So I decided to do something about this small injustice and use it for my senior project.

What does "Walk Humbly" mean?
Micah 6:8 reads: "He has shown, oh man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." From this came the title.

What was your goal and how was it met?
My original goal was to collect 150 pairs of shoes. Over time, God ended up hauling in 4,200 pairs of shoes. I watched Him take the simple dream of 150 and turn it into the beautiful reality of 4,200.

How did you accomplish this?
I kicked off the shoe drive by holding a "Barefoot Mile" at my high school's track. On a rainy Saturday, 50 people showed up, donated shoes, and walked four laps around the track barefoot. I really liked this idea because it was a great way to experience what it is like every day in Karogoto. From there, bins were set up at various locations such as local schools, churches, and hospitals.

How were you able to get people Involved?
I got the word out through newspaper articles and flyers. My church and school helped advertise through announcements. But one of the biggest ways was through word of mouth. People just started telling one another and everyone thought it was so reasonable. We all have shoes in our closets that we haven't worn for years. This was a great way for them to do some house cleaning as well as provide shoes for the people of Karogoto, Kenya.

What was the response like in Karogoto?
We were able to distribute about 200 pairs of the 4,200. The council in Karogoto thought it would be best to only pass out a few of the shoes because they thought a large crowd would be too overwhelming for us. Since we only passed out 200 pairs we ran out of women's shoes at the worksite. An 11-year-old girl on our team took off her shoes and gave them to one of the women who had not yet received a pair. The rest of our team followed suit. One of the ladies from the community noticed my bare feet and offered me the shoes she had just received. I was immediately humbled. I was giving out of sheer abundance but she was giving out of pure genuine sacrifice. Two weeks after we arrived home, I received an email saying the rest of the shoes had been passed out. The email spoke of two 90-year-old women who each received a pair. One of them said: "I had given up on wearing another pair of shoes until I died."

Was the need filled there?
5,000 people showed up looking for the 4,000 pairs of shoes. That means at least 1,000 people still don't have a simple pair of shoes.

What is your plan for the future?
Right now, Walk Humbly is taking a breather. Its success is being used to honor and glorify God's name through newspapers, magazines, and speeches. A future plan for Walk Humbly would be to collect monetary donations to buy the right size shoes needed for those who have not yet received a pair.

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