Nicole Solsman: Ministering Through Art

Nicole Solsman: Ministering Through Art

Nicole Solsman
Nicole Solsman is a junior in the Secondary Education Program. She was born in Scranton and raised in Old Forge, PA. She accepted Christ at age 14 and began attending Summit Baptist Bible Church where she developed a passion for ministry.

She graduated from Old Forge High School in 2006 and enrolled at BBC in the Counseling Ministries Program. After her first semester, she considered transferring to Keystone College for their Art Education program but decided to stay at BBC and switch to the Secondary Education Program concentrating on Social Studies.
She has a heart for working with youth and serving wherever she is needed. She also loves art and tries to do as much with it as she can. She was recently honored by having three of her pieces selected for an art display in Scranton.

Insight Questions

What was the honor you recently received?
This fall I was accepted into the NEPA Regional Juried Art Exhibit. I had two photographs and an acrylic painting accepted. My work was displayed at AFA Gallery on Lackawanna Avenue, one of the four venues at which they displayed all the work.

Why is this an honor?
It was a juried show, which means a panel of judges decided which pieces were accepted. There were a lot of pieces that were judged and I had three chosen.

Are you incorporating the arts in your ministry involvement?
Yes, I am involved in Campus Life at Lackawanna Trail High School, I'm a dorm officer, and I do things from time to time with BBC's Women's Ministries. In all those areas I have found ways to incorporate the arts. In Campus Life, we have many students come who are involved with the Art Club at their high school, so we would like to see Campus Life have an "Art Night" once or twice a semester. I do some photography for my dorm and advertising for Women's Ministries. Earlier in the semester, Mrs. Shirley Morris and I looked into starting an art group for BBC students.

What does Campus Life do for high school students?
Campus Life is affiliated with Youth For Christ. It's an outreach for public high school students. Christian students connect with other Christians from their school district. A lot of unsaved kids come, too. We usually meet at one of the students' houses. Their parents provide snacks and the leaders and kids hang out for a while. We have a game and then we have a discussion. The game is contingent on the discussion, so the game we play will get the kids engaged in the discussion. Campus Life is great because Christian students can get to know other Christians that go to their school.

You mentioned forming an Art Group on campus; if anyone is interested can they contact you?
If anyone is interested they can email me at Once we have approval from the Office for Student Development and have a few students interested, we can pick a day and time to meet.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?
Most is inspired by my memories and is demonstrated through mixed media, acrylic, and photography. I like to try a little bit of everything. A lot of pieces are built off my memories from the town I used to live in, or the memories I have of people I've known.

Where do you see yourself after you graduate?
When I graduate I would like to teach either in a Christian or public school, and I would like to obtain my state certification in K-12 Art Education. I am thankful God has placed me here at BBC because the education I am receiving in my classes, in my dorm life, and in my ministries is preparing me for the road ahead.

Why are you an artist?
I do art because I was just born into a love for it. But before I say I am an artist, it's important for me to say that my identity is in Christ. Last year my Resident Adviser read Colossians 2:8-10 and reminded us that before anything else, we are to identify with Jesus Christ. We are not defined by our families, our friends, our environments, or by what we do or hope to do. We are defined by what Jesus Christ has done for us. So before I am an artist, a student or a Campus Life leader, I am a follower of Christ.

Contact Information
Email: nicole.solsman@my,

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Posted on: 12/2/2008 11:43:23 AM

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