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We are thankful to all the men and women who have bravely chosen to serve our country through military service.

Your military experience is of great value to you in many ways.

We can help you use it to achieve your educational goals and give you an edge as you pursue your degree and future career. A BBC education is the perfect compliment to your military training.

We can prepare you to serve and lead wherever God takes you. You can gain the tools, training, and leadership skills needed for careers ranging from military chaplaincy and education to business and organizational leadership.

You can be involved in ROTC, become a Military Chaplain, or pursue other classes and degree programs.

Special financial benefits for you
Financial Aid will work with you to ensure you receive all the funding and financial benefits you are entitled to – whether you’re studying on campus or online.

Benefits through the Montgomery GI Bill, the Post 9-11 GI Bill, and ROTC can cover up to 100% of your tuition and fees.

Details on the Army ROTC scholarship here.

Details on the Air Force ROTC scholarship here.

To apply, veterans should visit

Your GI Benefits could be at risk if...
If you are placed on academic probation, your GI Bill Benefits could be at risk. Once you do not meet the minimum requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for two consecutive semesters, your enrollment will not be certified and your benefits will stop. You will not lose your GI Bill eligibility, but you will not receive any more GI Bill money until you, once again, make SAP. We can begin certifying your enrollment again once you have met SAP.

For more information on financial aid opportunities, contact Financial Aid at or 800.451.7664, option 3.

Get credit for life and military experience
The skills and training you gain in the military are unique and valuable. You can receive college credits for your military experience toward your degree.

We will evaluate your prior learning and life experience to determine how you can best use it to achieve your goals.

Find out how here.

You can complete your undergraduate degree or you can apply credits to a master’s degree simultaneously.

  • Degree Completion
    If you’re halfway or more to earning a bachelor’s degree you can work on-campus or totally online to complete it in much less time. Learn more here.

  • Accelerated Graduate Degree Program
    You can take two steps forward and catch up to where you’d like to be. You can complete your bachelor’s degree and earn a graduate or Seminary degree at the same time through dual credit. Learn more here.

Learn about BBC graduate programs here.

Learn about Baptist Bible Seminary programs here.

To qualify for the Accelerated Graduate Degree or Degree Completion program, you must be 25 or older and have already completed college credits.

Preparing students for military service after graduation, the Army and Air Force ROTC programs can help you pay for college – up to and including a four-year degree.

ROTC partnered with a BBC education will make you a well-rounded leader – in the military and wherever else God places you to serve and lead.

While you gain your degree at BBC your ROTC classes will count as elective credits in the program you choose to take. While you are in the ROTC program, you cannot be called to active duty.

BBC Admissions can direct you through ROTC enrollment. Contact or 800.451.7664

Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps
AFROTC is a nationwide program that allows students to pursue commissions (become officers) in the United States Air Force while simultaneously attending college. AFROTC classes are held on college campuses throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. Students can register through normal course registration processes. AFROTC consists of four years of Aerospace Studies classes (Foundations of the USAF, Evolution of USAF and Space Power, Air Force Leadership Studies, and National Security Affairs/Preparation for Active Duty), and a corresponding Leadership Laboratory for each year (where students apply leadership skills, demonstrate command and effective communication, develop physical fitness, and practice military customs and courtesies).

College students enrolled in the AFROTC program (known as cadets) who successfully complete both AFROTC training and college degree requirements will graduate and simultaneously commission as Second Lieutenants in the Active Duty Air Force.

The AFROTC program is currently offered at Wilkes University. We have a crosstown agreement that allows our students to enroll in AFROTC and become full-fledged cadet participants.

For more information on AFROTC course descriptions, go to For more information on the AFROTC program, contact

Learn more about Air Force ROTC here.

Army ROTC courses include:

  • Concepts of Leadership I & II
  • Leadership Application Laboratory
  • Physical Fitness Training
  • Dynamics of Leadership I & II
  • Basic Military Leadership I & II
  • Advanced Military Leadership I & II

Learn more about Army ROTC here.

Options in Chaplaincy Ministries
You may choose to pursue a path in chaplaincy ministry.

Military chaplains provide spiritual leadership to soldiers and their families. They are highly influential in the lives of people who are making decisions that affect our country and the world.

The undergraduate Chaplaincy Ministries program provides training and preparation for students seeking to pursue military chaplaincy as a career.

Military Chaplaincy requires a theological Master's degree. Because of its high academic standards and emphasis on ministry experience, Baptist Bible Seminary’s Master of Divinity degree is approved by the United States Chaplain Corps for training chaplains for service in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Learn more here.

The degree’s required one-year internship can be used to meet the military's experience requirement, enabling graduates to achieve full-time military status more quickly.

Contact BBS Admissions at or call 800.451.2287