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Baptist Bible College is working to develop a range of distance learning options for undergraduates.

Our on- and off-campus academic programs are designed to provide excellence in biblical education for effectiveness in ministry leadership. At BBC, you have the opportunity to follow God's call in a variety of fields.

Online classes

This course (BI 343) is designed to help you study, understand, apply, and communicate the book of Proverbs. The course content focuses on the unique interpretation issues of Proverbs, a study of the concept of "wisdom" as presented in the book, study of selected key Proverbs passages, and thematic studies as well.

The course also includes a spiritual formation emphasis, with the intention of helping you understand the need for spiritual wisdom, and how to live in that wisdom.

To learn more, contact Admissions at 800.451.7664 or admissions@bbc.edu.

Experience-based options
Camping Ministries
You can gain credit while working at several camps in the U.S. or overseas. Many internships provide stipends, making the program quite cost effective.

You can spend your junior or senior year learning on-site, giving you the opportunity to learn in a hands-on laboratory setting. In partnership with BBC, Pilgrimage Educational Resources will facilitate your internship.

You can gain course credit and key leadership skills through teaching and working with others in an outdoors environment. Delivered in the context of week-long wilderness expeditions, Pilgrimage Educational Resources offers two, three-credit courses you can use to satisfy elective requirements in various degree programs at BBC.

Introduction to Accelerated Learning (EM 340) and Wilderness Leadership (EM 350) are offered through Pilgrimage’s Wilderness Institute for Leadership Development.

To learn more, contact Admissions at 800.451.7664 or admissions@bbc.edu. Also, go to www.pilgrimageeducational.com.

These distance learning options are fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and the Association for Biblical Higher Education. Earned credits can be used toward earning a degree.

Summit Institute
Summit Institute offers non-credited, two-week seminars designed to equip individuals for effective ministry through excellent Biblical education.

To learn more, contact summitinstitute@bbc.edu or 570.585.9349. You may also visit www.bbc.edu/summitinstitute.