BBC: Christian Bible College After Graduation

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The training you’ll receive at Baptist Bible College will equip you for a life of excellence in ministry. We have a reputation for producing well-educated and effective ministry leaders. Our graduates are in high demand and about 75% of our alumni have served in career ministry.

You’ll walk away and join a vast network of BBC alumni who are impacting individuals in the name of Christ all over the world. They are currently ministering in every U.S. state, and in 47 countries around the globe. They serve as pastors, missionaries, teachers, counselors, professors, camp directors, and in countless other capacities.

Masters and doctorate degrees
The academic rigor of our programs will prepare you to pursue your education further. BBC graduates have not only been accepted, but have excelled in programs at top graduate schools and seminaries across the country.

What they say
“The most important part of my education at BBC as a pastoral major was learning to communicate God's Word effectively. The ability to study the Bible and to prepare sermons was exemplified by my teacher, Don McCall, who has been a model of a good pastor for me. I learned to apply practical skills for working in a church plant such as door-to-door witnessing, evangelistic surveys, and outreach events. I am now beginning a new role as the Community Outreach Pastor at West Pines Baptist Church in West Palm Beach, FL, and I am an Air Force Reserve Chaplain. I will use my understanding of the Bible and of people to minister to people in my church as well as to those in the pluralistic environment of the military -- alongside many people who believe very differently than I do.”
- D. Scott Conner, BBC and BBS graduate

“I loved studying in the women’s ministries program at BBC. The program deepened my love for the Scriptures. It wasn’t just about being a wife a mother, but it’s about being a woman with and in-depth knowledge of the Bible, a clear understanding of theology, and the desire to continue to study the Scriptures. After all, that’s the whole point of being at a Bible college like BBC. The Women’s Ministries program also helped me develop skills in organization, planning, speaking, and counseling. I am currently working as the Church Secretary at Trinity Baptist Church in Grand Rapids, MI, and my role includes the opportunity to counsel women in the church. BBC’s emphasis on the Bible was the most valuable and influential part of my education and my current ministry.”
- Allison (Paget) Kemmerer, BBC graduate

“I am so very thankful for the college itself and for the godly men and women who ministered to me and taught me at BBC. I majored in Communications/Drama, but my current position is as a fifth-grade teacher at Harford Christian School in Darlington, MD. Although I wasn’t an education major, the ability to communicate to children, parents, and peers has helped me to be successful. I am able to tell when my communication is being received, and I can adapt my speaking to the needs of the kids in my class. I am able to be animated and use many different styles of communication as I teach the different subjects to my students. Because of my experiences and education at BBC, I am able and confident to do whatever job or task the Lord calls me to do.”
- Jenn Craze, BBC graduate

“BBC afforded me a challenging classroom environment as well as practical local church ministry experience. I am now a part of a pastoral team at a church. The BBC experience was a life-changing experience.”
- Jason Jackson, BBC graduate, Pastor of Student Ministries at Heritage Baptist Church in Clarks Summit, PA