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Enrolling at Baptist Bible college is fast and easy. A step-by-step approach will help keep the admissions process simple.

Here’s a checklist of what you need to do:

All materials should be mailed to:

Baptist Bible College
Office of Admissions
538 Venard Road
Clarks Summit , PA 18411

1. Complete an application
Fill out an application online or download the application form.

If you’d like to receive an application by mail, contact Admissions at 800.451.7664 or admissions@bbc.edu.

2. Complete a personal profile
These are short-answer questions on salvation, spiritual growth, ministry involvement, and career goals. Download a form here or complete it online.

3. Submit the application fee
The application fee is $40. If you did not submit your application fee online, please mail a check or call 800.451.7664 to submit by credit card over the phone. Be sure to write the words “Application Fee” and your name on the memo line of your check.

4. Send us your high school transcripts and SAT or ACT scores
All students are required to submit an official copy of their high school transcripts. If your transcript does not include a copy of an SAT or ACT score, please have a copy of your scores sent to us using BBC’s school codes. (SAT code: 2036 / ACT code: 3523)

5. Contact your references
Pastoral Reference Form
All students are required to submit a pastoral reference form. Your pastoral reference should be completed and sent to BBC by the pastor or youth pastor of the church you attend. If neither individual has known you for at least a year, or if your pastor or youth pastor is a relative, please ask an adult youth leader, Sunday school teacher, or deacon who knows you well to complete this reference.

High School Reference Form
Your high school reference form should be completed and sent to BBC by your principal, guidance counselor, or teacher. If you are home-schooled, please have your program evaluator complete this form. If you have been out of high school for at least two years, this reference is not required.

Transfer Reference Form
If you are transferring from a Christian college, please submit a transfer reference form. The transfer reference should be completed by a resident director, professor, or dean.  

6. Consider your unique circumstances
Your situation may affect how your application process is to be completed. If any of the options below apply to you, please follow the links for information that may be helpful:

All necessary forms can be downloaded here.

Suggested Admissions Timeline

January – July of Junior Year

  • Prayerfully seek God's direction for your college decision.
  • Gather information about BBC by browsing our website and requesting further materials and information.
  • Use the SAT (2036) or ACT (3523) testing codes to have your scores sent directly to BBC.
  • Begin investigating scholarships.

August – November of Senior Year

December – February of Senior Year

  • Continue to pray about your college decision.
  • Encourage your parents to file taxes early.
  • Download your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) from www.fafsa.ed.gov, get one from your guidance counselor, or call 1.800.4.FED.AID to request a paper copy.
  • Fill out your FAFSA using your parent's tax return and send form to the federal government, preferably before April 1.
  • Note: Your FAFSA can be sent later, but a later date hinders your ability to receive aid.

March – May of Senior Year

  • Make your final decision and pay your deposit by the May 1 deadline.
  • Contact Student Financial Services if you have any questions about financial aid.



If you have any questions or concerns, contact Admissions at 800.451.7664 or admissions@bbc.edu