BBC eagerly welcomes home-schooled students. In fact, over 10% of our enrollment comes from a home-school background.

We believe home-schooled students, like all of our incoming students, will find BBC a natural fit. The transition from high school to college will be a comfortable one.

If you are a home-schooled applicant, you should send your high school transcript to BBC. You are also required to take either the SAT or the American College Test (ACT). BBC does not require a state-certified diploma or a GED.

Home-schooled students are evaluated for acceptance based on a review of an application, transcript, test scores, references, and essays. For specific questions concerning high school requirements, please contact Admissions at 800.451.7664 or by email at admissions@bbc.edu. A counselor will be available to answer questions and walk you through the application process.

What they say
“Coming to BBC, I've had tons of opportunities to build skills that I wouldn't have had at a big university. The opportunity to develop relationships with older men, who teach how to disciple by discipling you, and the opportunity of learning how to do ministry by watching others has been amazing.”
Dan Francis, home-schooled student and former BBC student-body president