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Selection Process

BBC&S solicited information from a number of lenders that had developed a working relationship with the school, our students, and their parents in regard to Private Alternative Educational Loans.

Information provided on loan origination fees, borrower benefits, repayment options, loan counseling assistance, and loan servicing was reviewed in order to be able to suggest lenders for this loan program type. It is updated regularly.

Our students and parents, over time, have expressed their primary concern of obtaining the maximum funding to pay for educational expenses when needed. Such factors as fees, borrow repayment benefits, ease of loan application, certification, disbursements of funds, and loan and debt counseling programs were considered.

With the current credit environment, BBC&S took into consideration the following: Financial stability, access to loan capital, commitment to educational loans, and student lender experience. BBC&S suggests lenders that meet those goals.

For further assistance: Call 570.585.9215 or 800.586.2400 or e-mail Student Financial Services at


For further assistance: Call 570-585-9215 or 1-800-586-2400 or e-mail the Office of Student Financial Services at