FINANCIAL AID » Ministry Leadership Grant

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If you are involved with ministry and desire to pursue that as a career, we invite you to apply for the Ministry Leadership Grant.
For those who qualify, this grant will give you $2,000 a year, or $8,000 over four years, to pay for college costs.
Awards are made on a rolling basis every week by a committee of Admissions Counselors.
To apply, contact
Awards are based on:
-- Completion of a 600-word essay. You describe your current ministry involvement and goals. You also describe your ministry desires and goals for your time at BBC.

-- Demonstration of your regular, consistent, and significant ministry involvement.

-- Letter of reference from your ministry supervisor.

Other details:
-- Talents for Christ and AWANA Citation winners are also eligible to receive the full Ministry Leadership Grant.
-- Recipients of a $2,000 BBC Alumni grant or similar referral grant are not eligible for the Ministry Leadership Grant.

To learn more, email or call 800.451.7664.