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By registering for classes, the student assumes an obligation to care for charges incurred in an expeditious manner whether it is through financial aid and loans, payment in full, or taking advantage of BBC's monthly payment plan.

Pre-Payment Discount
In order to receive a pre-payment discount, students must pay their entire fall semester balance by July 15 and their entire spring semester balance by December 15. If a student does not register until after the first payment due date, the student will have missed the opportunity to take advantage of this discount.

  • Payments made in full by credit card will receive a 2% discount.
  • Payments made in full by cash or check will receive a 3% discount.

The student must have all prior balances paid in order to be eligible for the discount. Discounts will not be recalculated if the original estimated charges or estimated financial aid change for any reason.

Pay Online
Current students can make a payment from their portal account under the finances tab.

Monthly Payment Plan
Students who do not pay their semester balance in full by the first day of classes will automatically be set up with a 5 month payment plan. A $100 payment plan fee will be assessed each semester for all students who are set up with the monthly payment plan.

The payment due is calculated on a monthly basis and will be subject to change if any of the student's factors change. Typical reasons for this would be a change in registered courses, meal plans, or financial aid.

Statements are sent out by the first of each month and payments are due the 30th of each month. Payments for the fall semester begin in July and end in November. Payments for the spring semester begin in December and end in April.

Payment Plan Fee Waiver
There are two options to be exempt from the $100 payment plan fee:

1. Pay your entire balance due for the semester prior to the first day of attendance.
2. Authorize BBC to automatically withdraw the calculated required monthly payment from your bank account. If you revoke your authorization for the automatic withdrawal at anytime during the semester, you will then incur the $100 payment plan fee.

Summer School Payment Policy
Summer School Statements will be mailed on May 1. All Summer School Payments are due on the first date of attendance. Any unpaid balance as of the due date, will be subject to a $15 late payment fee.

Late Fee
There is a 5 day grace period for payments. Any student who has not made the required payment within 5 days of the due date will be charged a $15 late fee.

Overpayments and Refunds
In the event you have overpaid your charges, we will refund the overpayment upon your request. If a request for your refund is not made, your overpaid balance will be applied to future semesters.

Title IV Refunds
Credit balances created when Title IV program funds (Pell, FSEOG, Stafford and PLUS Loans) disbursed to a studentís account exceed their total of tuition, fees and room and board charged for the term, will be automatically refunded to the student within 14 days from the date of disbursement. Unless otherwise requested, the refund check will be sent to the studentís address on file. Upon request, the check may be picked up at the Business Office window during regular hours or sent to the studentís on campus mailbox. Please Note: Federal funds cannot cover a previous semesterís balance unless requested by the student and will be refunded even if a balance is still due. If the student wishes to have the overpayment applied to future semesters, the student can simply endorse the check back to Baptist Bible College and it will be applied to the next semester.

Book Vouchers
If a studentís aid (including grants, scholarships, and loans) will exceed their charges, the student may request a book voucher to be used at BBCís online bookstore. To request this voucher, please email Financial Aid at

Outstanding Account Balances
If a studentís account is not cared for in a timely manner, Baptist Bible College & Seminary reserves the right to place the account on ďfinancial hold.Ē A financial hold will prevent a student from registering for classes in the following term. Students who are planning to graduate must have their account balances at ďzeroĒ by April 20th to be eligible for graduation. If you are unable to meet this deadline for some reason, the student must submit an appeal letter to the Director of Student Accounts no later than 5 pm on April 15th. For those students who are planning on being a December Graduate, your account must be paid in full by November 15th.

No diplomas or transcripts will be issued to any party until the studentís financial obligations (Business office, OSD and/or Library fines) have been met to the institution.

Refund Policy for Dropped Courses
Dropped Courses Procedure:

The final recorded day of class attendance will be designated as the studentís last day of attendance for that class. The student must follow appropriate procedure for notification to the Registrarís Office upon dropping their class(es).

Course Refund Schedule:

Refund amounts are based on Tuition and General Fees only. Refunds at the Undergraduate level are only applicable for students who drop class(es) that put them below the 12-18 credit flat rate, or place them into the 12-18 flat rate.

Percentage of Course Completed Percentage Refunded
.0.00% - 12.5% 100%
12.5% - 25% 50%
>25% 0%

Full Withdrawal
If a student withdraws completely from all courses for the semester, the refund will be calculated in accordance with federal financial aid regulations. For more information, see BBC’s refund policy for full withdrawal from school, here.