DISTANCE LEARNING » Accommodations for Online Distance Education Students with Disabilities

Students with Disabilities
Baptist Bible College is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. The purpose of accommodations is to provide equal access to educational opportunities to students with disabilities. Academic standards are not lowered, nor are essential elements of programs changed.

Services may include any of the following:

  • Special housing accommodations
  • Extended test-taking time
  • Use of test readers
  • Testing in a room where the student will have minimal distractions
  • Testing with enlarged fonts
  • Preferred seating in the classroom
  • Permission to record classes

Contact Information
Summer Kinder, Director of Learning Support Services skinder@bbc.edu, 570.585.9316


1. Request Accomodations.
Complete the Request for Accommodations form here or download and complete here. (See forms pages)

2. Supply  Documentation
Documentation of the disability should be submitted with the request form. Documentation should take the form of a report by a professional qualified to evaluate disabilities in areas specific to the student. Documentation may include a psycho-educational evaluation by a psychologist or education specialist, or a report from an orthopedist, neurologist, or other physician regarding physical disabilities. The documentation must be recent enough to indicate the extent and severity of the student’s disability and extent of need for accommodations at the present time. Such a time frame will vary according to the types of disabilities. Documentation for learning disabilities must be no older than three years.

3.  Make and appointment
Once the evaluation is completed and the student enrolled, a meeting with the Director of Learning Support Services will be held to discuss accommodations. If necessary, the Director of Learning Support Services may have an email or telephone conference with an online student seeking services. The Director of Learning Support Services will then notify the appropriate faculty member, administrator or staff member of any recommended accommodations. To schedule an appointment, contact Summer Kinder, Director of Learning Support Services at 570.585.9315 or skinder@bbc.edu

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is my application valid?
    Once approved, residential students will need to apply at the beginning of each new semester. Approved online students will need to apply one week prior to the beginning of each new session of courses. This will allow the Director of Learning Support Services to contact the appropriate new faculty. The applicant must include the names of the courses to be taken and the professors teaching them.

  • When should I begin the process of applying ?
    Students are encouraged to submit the request form well in advance (a minimum of three weeks) of beginning their courses, so the request can be considered, and appropriate plans and arrangements can be implemented in a timely fashion.

  • What if my disability and/or need changes?
    If a student's disability and/or need changes, a request form should be resubmitted stating the changes and/or new request for accommodations.