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Carrying a degree from Baptist Bible College makes a difference.

First, it means you graduated from an institution with a proven record of excellence in biblical education.

Second, it means you have learned from qualified faculty who invest deeply in their students and become lifelong mentors.

Third, it means you join a worldwide network of success. Our alumni serve in countless secular and ministry leadership positions around the world.

Our online programs are tailored to your needs and desires. We have something to match your life and future.

Bible – One-Year Certificate
This 31-credit program lays a foundation for life, training your mind academically and preparing your heart spiritually.

Degree Completion

If you’re halfway or more to earning your bachelor’s degree, this offers you a convenient, flexible way to finish.

Integrated Studies – Associate’s Degree
A 60-credit program instructing you in biblical truth and allowing you to understand the world in which you will minister.

Integrated Studies – Bachelor’s Degree

An online B.S., this 123-credit program prepares you for your next steps while equipping you to understand and apply biblical truth in any setting.

Christian Ministries – Bachelor’s Degree
Our online B.S. in Christian Ministries infuses you with foundational principles, practices, and skills for a career leading in a church or other career ministry setting.

Counseling - Bachelor of Science in Counseling and Counseling Ministries major
Choose the program that is right for you. Our online B.S. in Counseling and Counseling Ministries major both emphasize the sufficiancy of scripture for meeting needs.

Our Graduate School and Seminary also offer many distance learning options.