Our two online counseling programs emphasize the sufficiency of Scripture in meeting the needs of hurting people.

Core courses in Bible and theology are foundational to both.  Your choice of which degree is right for you depends on your individual goals.

Bachelor of Science in Counseling
A strong set of counseling and psychology courses are central to the curriculum of the Bachelor of Science in Counseling. This, along with the core of Bible and theology, equips students to blend the principles of the Word of God with acquired skills to be a spiritual encouragement to those in need.

  • 126 credits
  • Learn a biblical philosophy and model of counseling
  • Graduates will be prepared to move on to advanced education
  • Learn to help people deal with the problems they face from a biblical perspective.
  • Gain practical tools, techniques, and research methods for professional counseling

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Counseling Ministries major  (Bachelor of Science)
The Counseling Ministries major is ideal for students that are primarily interested in the ministry applications of counseling. This program encompasses foundational philosophical assumptions as well as practical methodologies of biblical counseling. 

  • 122 credits
  • Prepare to move into a lay-counseling role in the local church.
  • Develop a biblical philosophy and model of counseling.
  • Nine counseling electives allow you to focus on an area of interest.
  • Solidify valuable listening and interpersonal skills.

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Online Experience
Online classes allow you to learn from and interact with professors with years of experience ministering to and teaching students of all ages. They are focused on your success.
Online discussions allow you to meet and build relationships with students from around the globe, adding a unique and valuable aspect to your learning experience.

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For details on counseling programs contact Professor Lynelle Buchanan at lbuchanan@bbc.edu or 570.585.9289.