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Distance learning and online classes are better here. They are as equally solid and relevant as our on-campus options. All courses and degrees are fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and the Association for Biblical Higher Education.

Undergraduate courses are offered during eight-week sessions beginning each January, March, May, August, and October. You can complete the work at home, at the office, or anywhere else. Your professors are accessible and interested in you.

Credits you earn can be applied toward a Bible certificate and degrees.

To learn more, contact Admissions at 800.451.7664 or admissions@bbc.edu.

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FALL Session 1

August 18- October 10

Course Number Course Name Credits
BA203 Introduction to Management Information Systems 3
BI100 Principles of Bible Study 3
BI105 Introduction to Old Testament Literature 3
BI335 Acts 3
BI342 Isaiah 3
EM200 The Church’s Ministry 3
EN107 Academic Writing 3
LI210 Writing about Literature 3
MI306 Dynamics of Discipleship 3
PA412 Expository Preaching 3
PE115 Walking/Jogging 1
PH111 Introduction to Apologetics 3
PH421 World Studies I: The Greeks 3
PS100 General Psychology 3
PS117 Understanding and Treating Addiction 3
PS453 Social Psychology 3
SC220B Understanding Science 3
TH120 Building a Biblical Lifestyle 3
TH201 Theology II 3
TH306 Theology IV 3
TH480 Senior Seminar 3


FALL Session 2

October 20 – December 19

Course Number Course Name Credits
AR210 Introduction to Humanities 3
BA105 Principles of Economics 3
BA322 Principles of Non-Profit Administration 3
BI100 Principles of Bible Study 3
BI106 Introduction to New Testament Literature 3
BI338 General Epistles 3
BI340 Genesis 3
BI445 Matthew 3
EM200 The Church’s Ministry 3
EM412 The Family Life of the Ministry Leader 3
EM413 Foundations of Ministry Leadership 3
EN107 Academic Writing 3
EV220 World Evangelism 3
HI112 History of Western Civilization and Thought II 3
HI205 American History I 3
HP100 Life Fitness 1
LI221C American Literature I 3
PA442 Pastoral Counseling 3
PH423 Worldview Studies II: Rome 3
PS202 Human Growth and Development 3
PS203 Introduction to Counseling 3
PS227 Substance Addictions 3
PS303 Abnormal Psychology 3
PS312 Issues in Professionalism 3
PS416 Crisis Counseling 3
TH120 Building a Biblical Lifestyle 3
TH202C Theology III 3
TH401C Theology V 3


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Our Graduate School and Seminary also offer many distance learning options.